lookOUT Artist Mixtape feat. Felt Out

An Artist Mixtape… what’s that?? Exactly what it sounds like — a shiny, little cassette wrapped up in a bow, curated for you by someone else. Except this time, it just so happens it was crafted and mixed by Felt Out. This local Austin duo composed of Sowmya Somanath and Walter Nichols is a magnetic partnership that demands to be explored, and you can catch them live at lookOUT Fest on September 3rd.

So sit back, strap in, and pop this cassette into your tape player (that you totally have right next to you and isn’t in your friend’s 1999 Toyota Tacoma that sometimes works).

A piece of spiral notepaper with a handwritten list of songs and a gold heart

About This Mixtape: a message from Felt Out

We take inspiration from lots of places, from classical to indie rock, pop, experimental, to the way the gate at our house squeaks. Felt Out is about taking these messy, cloudy bits of inspiration and repackaging them within a pop-adjacent context. Here’s some music that adds to that inspiration cloud.

Just want to listen? Find the full playlist here.


PATIENCE  //  Porches

Porches is a constant source of inspiration for us. His music has evolved hugely over the years, but every one of his songs has the same recognizable heart at its center. The way Patience moves freely between worlds of electric piano, synth, and acoustic guitar, all while being undeniably singable completely haunts us. 

GLUE  //  Dan English

PALE  //  Helena Deland

AL OESTE  //  Juana Molina

7-21-17_substitute_hifi_v3  //  Toro y Moi

MAZURKA IN A MINOR, Op. 17, No. 4  //  Frédéric Chopin (performed by Khatia Buniatishvili)

c2.0  //  Charli XCX

Our favorite moment on this playlist is the transition from the Chopin Mazurka to this song. The things we love about the Mazurka — its inventiveness, its design, its beauty — are the exact same things we love about c2.0 (and literally all of Charli’s songs). Two perfect little pieces of music separated by 200 years, adhering to completely different aesthetic conventions, but making us feel exactly the same way is pretty cool.

ROCK, THE  //  Lucy


ORLOK  //  Anna Meredith


Hindustani (North Indian classical) music is an eternal spark to our imagination. It is built on a sophisticated melodic system of ragas, focusing on sonic color and mood to build an immersive environment, relying mostly on improvisation. Piya Suno Bina Cheji Mharo Des is a semi-classical piece about a wandering devotee of Krishna, stuck in the material world and waiting to unite with him. Listening to Vidushi Kishori Amonkar improvise melody is like witnessing a conversation into some divine realm, a reminder that the mystery is real.

CHICHESTER PSALMS  //  Leonard Bernstein

About lookOUT Fest

lookOUT - KUTX & AC

This indoor-outdoor, one-day festival is your one-stop-shop for end-of-summer music. With 6 bands and a summer day filled with visual artists, food trucks, vendors, curated experiences, and tunes from Soundfounder to cap it all off, there are infinite ways to get lost.

Be there as we gather audiophiles from across the city to experience the vibes, the sounds, and the feels of summer before they’re gone. Your ears will thank you.

EXPLORE THE LINEUP 👉 grab your tickets to see Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, The Album Leaf, Julianna Barwick, and more on September 3rd!


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