Long Center's LookOUT Fest

6 Bands // 1 Summer Day // Infinite Ways to Get Lost

If there’s one thing Austin knows, it’s that extraordinary music needs extraordinary listeners. So, we’re gathering audiophiles from across the city to experience the vibes, the sounds, and the feels of summer before they’re gone. With an enthralling lineup of artists whose music bends and blends “genre” as we know it, lookOUT Fest on September 3rd is a moment when we can be sure that the air is warm, the water is cool, and the colors are brilliant. Your ears will thank you.

Kick back and bask in the soundtrack of our city as we toast to the end of the season – rose-colored glasses and open minds encouraged.

September 3rd, lookOUT for…

Genre-bending music indoors featuring Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, The Album Leaf, Julianna Barwick, Mary Lattimore, and more – look below to discover a lineup that combines synths and electronics with anthemic vocals, harp, and percussion.

Soundfounder spinning.

Visual artists, curated experiences, and food & drink for every appetite on the H-E-B Terrace.

A great time + good friends + new tunes to last you all year.

Presented by KUTX’s Soundfounder with support from The Austin Chronicle

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Want a preview?

We’ve made a playlist of all the artists to be on the lookOUT for. 

lookOUT - KUTX & AC

About lookOUT

We’ve spent the past year discovering creators and celebrating their works in whatever way possible. So we’ve teamed up with outer/most agency for a curated day of musical experiences set on the borderlands of genere and innovation.

About the Artists

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Electric, rapturous, glittering – all words that have tried to encapsulate the indescribable synthesis of Kailyn Aurelia Smith’s electronic music inspired by physical motion. Soaring with synths, electrifying beats, and fresh unpredictability, this west coast composer, artist, and producer has chartered a pioneering career. Hear what we mean: Stratus from the album EARS // Lagoon, single

The Album Leaf

Hot off the 20th anniversary of One Day I’ll Be on Time, the release that launched The Album Leaf into full-fledged fame, the band continues to innovate the meaning of modern electronic-rock music. Led by founder Jimmy LaValle, the group’s sound is just as diverse as their portfolio of work and musical influences, ranging from mariachi to electronica to ambient-psych. Hear what we mean: Twentytwofourteen from the album In a Safe Place

Julianna Barwick

Comfortable collaborating with anyone from The Flaming Lips to Philip Glass, intricately looped vocals take a leading role in Julianna’s deep, reflective compositions. From remixes to film scores to live compositions based on AI, Julianna’s music is voice experimentation of the highest order. Hear what we mean: Inspirit from the album Healing Is A Miracle // Heading Home from the album Will.

Mary Lattimore

Highly sought after to create harp parts for artists like Kurt Vile and Sharon Van Etten, Mary Lattimore might play a Lyon and Healy Concert Grand pedal harp but her sound is more like ambient glitter. Synth-laden and wonderful, Mary’s experimentations with this classical instrument will make you think again. Hear what we mean: Sometimes He’s In My Dreams from the album Silver Ladders // Oh I Miss Her So collab with Holy Hive

Felt Out

Melody and harmony are the stars of this Austin-based indie duo’s magnetic partnership between Sowmya Somanath and Walter Nichols. With a sound described as electro-acoustic expressions of the heart filtered through a pop lens, Felt Out’s music is about form, feeling, and maybe even a shiver down your spine. Hear what we mean: Wake from the album Superfluid

The Kraken Quartet

A massive force of percussion and electronics, The Kraken Quartet is known for their breadth of musical styles and sounds. If you’ve caught this Austin-based percussion collective on the SXSW scene, you already know that watching them create sounds from every percussion instrument under the sun is just as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the ears. Hear what we mean: Chance the Dog (the Song) from the album Separate | Migrate