Our Mission at Work

Our Mission at Work

Long Reach for the Arts

As a part of our mission to make creativity accessible to everyone, our Long Reach for the Arts program hosts K-12 students for one-of-a-kind experiences at the Long Center – all for free. Innovating how students engage with art and providing new opportunities for creative discovery, Long Reach for the Arts continues to connect students to the center of Austin’s artistic identity year-round. 

Generous donations from foundations and arts supporters like you make this program possible.


No matter their size, the Long Center believes that Austin’s arts organizations deserve access to world-class performance spaces. Frameworks, our program that delivers rental discounts and other modes of support to these organizations, is expanding accessibility and equity of opportunity to the many non-profits, collectives, and creatives who make art in this city every day. By lowering barriers of entry and encouraging creative expression, Frameworks helps organizations develop new audiences, expand visibility, and strengthen our community through the arts.

Frameworks is supported in part by Concert Club, our Texas-centric program in the Rollins Studio Theatre.

Create Austin

The Long Center is all about celebrating Austin’s arts and talent.  Now, we’ve built a special place that offers tools and resources just for Austin creatives.  Programmed and produced by the Long Center, Create Austin exists to empower and unite this vibrant creative community, fostering an ecosystem of supportive innovation and inclusivity.

Year-End Gift 2023 | Long Center
Your Support Today, Transforms Tomorrow

We’ve made it our mission to support creativity in all its forms, and we hope this season you’ll join us and do the same. Your donation doesn’t just support our work, it’s a declaration that creativity belongs to everyone


Become a LC member today and and get first dibs on RSVP before the public, early entrance into the venue for you and your guests, members-only bars, and other surprises!

Amplify Austin is here – and we need your help to provide free arts experiences for K-12 students through our Long Reach for the Arts program.  Because the kids need art!