We have the best view of the city, so we see the Austin community clearly. That’s how we’re able to present the performances, music, movies, hangouts, festivals, and countless other interests that unite, delight, and inspire us all. 


At the Long Center, we know what Austin is all about. Our musicians, artists, and creators put Austin on the map. Their work is what draws us in, keeps us here, and allows us to innovate, grow, and thrive.

Uniquely located facing the city skyline, we breathe and pulse along with the creative energy that powers it. We’re proud to bring what Austin is to communities near and far every day, on virtual stages and actual ones, through connections and community. 

Built in 2008 and with a local history that spans many more generations, we welcome you to accept this invitation from a true Austinite to be at the center of it all. 


You might have noticed some big changes around here… 3D-printed ones, even! We’ve been a little busy celebrating our 15th year 🥳 and you’re invited to experience everything we have in store to make it one for the books.

As our little PAC grows, we know it’s not just a phase — “15 Years Long” is an Austin state of mind 🙌


For Austinites of every background, the Long Center is the community gathering place that offers the most diverse programming and stunning views of the city, so that together, everyone can experience remarkable live arts and entertainment.


All Austinites deserve access to world class arts and cultural experiences.


Meet the team behind your favorite Austin events and this iconic Austin nonprofit venue.


Get to know the local leaders & philanthropists guiding our nonprofit mission.


Are you passionate about Austin arts? We are, too!

Our Founding Resident Companies

Our Founding Resident Companies play a vital role in enriching the world-class performing arts that thrive inside of our walls. These three companies — Austin’s Opera, Symphony, and Ballet — have been with us since before our curtains even opened. Get to know more about them below and check out a show or two.

Year-End Gift 2023 | Long Center
Your Support Today, Transforms Tomorrow

We’ve made it our mission to support creativity in all its forms, and we hope this season you’ll join us and do the same. Your donation doesn’t just support our work, it’s a declaration that creativity belongs to everyone

Amplify Austin is here – and we need your help to provide free arts experiences for K-12 students through our Long Reach for the Arts program.  Because the kids need art!