Mid-Week Intermission Friend Edition: Soundfounder a.k.a. KUTX’s Andrew Brown

When musical boredom is on the horizon, there’s only one place we turn to… Soundfounder’s weekly show on KUTX (8pm on Wednesdays, by the way). The man behind the Soundfounder mic, Andrew Brown, is synonymous with electronic music in this town and beyond, so bringing him on board with lookOUT Fest was a no brainer for the Long Center. In this Mid-Week Intermission, see how he got his start and why he’s decided lookOUT Fest is worth a listen.

Andrew Brown spinning tunes onstage with fog and orange light
My name is Andrew Brown but many people around town know me as Soundfounder.

I’m a DJ, producer, radio host, event curator, and record store manager here in Austin. My music journey started around 1999. I was in high school in San Antonio and I got a job so I could save up for my first pair of turntables, a sampler, and start my record collection. I was determined to start making beats and electronic music like some of my heroes. After making tons of music and bouncing around the SA music scene for a few years, I moved to Austin at the age of 20 to expand on what I was doing.

young Soundfounder spinning tunes and smiling, captured in a polaroid

When I got to Austin, I was excited to be a part of the vibrant music community, but at the same time I felt like I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for in electronic music. All of the events I attended were focused on partying, dancing, and DJs (which is great), but there were very few events focused on creativity and the people who were actually producing their own electronic music. There was a massive void waiting to be filled in our music community. 

Around 2009 I met my friend Ben Webster, who goes by the artist name Butcher Bear, and it turns out that we were both thinking the same thing. Later that year we created an event called Exploded Drawing that would focus on creativity in electronic music, above all else. It was immediately successful in DIY spaces around East Austin, with hundreds of people attending our events in the first year. 12 years later, Exploded Drawing has won awards, been featured in publications like The Austin Chronicle and Texas Monthly, and most importantly, been consistently supported by our community.

Soundfounder holding a record on stage, washed in haze and purple light

My obsession with creative electronic music has led to countless collaborations in the community, including a record store called Exploded Records at JuiceLand, my weekly radio show on KUTX, and now lookOUT Fest. When the Long Center reached out to me about helping host and promote an electronic music festival, I was very excited. The Lady Bird Lake Trail and Auditorium Shores nearby are very special places to me, and the idea of bringing a world class, forward-thinking lineup of ambient electronic music to this set of public spaces to share with my community sounds like a dream come true.

I think this is a groundbreaking concept for public music in Austin and hopefully the first of many to come.
lookOUT - KUTX & AC

This indoor-outdoor, one-day festival is your one-stop-shop for end-of-summer music. With 6 bands and a summer day filled with visual artists, food trucks, vendors, curated experiences, and tunes from Soundfounder to cap it all off, there are infinite ways to get lost.

Be there as we gather audiophiles from across the city to experience the vibes, the sounds, and the feels of summer before they’re gone. Your ears will thank you.

EXPLORE THE LINEUP 👉 grab your tickets to see Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, The Album Leaf, Julianna Barwick, and more on September 3rd!


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