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Monday October 9, 2017 – The Long Center

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School Form Submission Progress

Guidelines & Procedures 2017-2018

Checklist for Directors 2017-2018

High School Program Ads 

Post-Nomination Day Packets

Post-Nomination Packet (ALL SCHOOLS)

Post-Nomination Packet (Best Production Nominees)

Pre-Nomination Day Forms

School Registration Form
(due Thursday, September 7)

Student/Parent Liaison Form
(due Thursday, September 14)

Performance Detail Form 
(due one month prior to first performance)

Scholarship Application Teacher Nomination Form (requires a password)
(The teacher submission is due February 2. The student application is due February 19.)

Photo Submission Form (Nomination Photos – one per nomination)
(due Thursday, February 15)

T-Shirt Order Form
(due February 9)

Performance DVD
(Due 2 weeks after closing and by February 12. Please mail to The Long Center.)

Video Reel
(Due 2 weeks after closing and by February 12)

Photo Submission Form (Nomination Day Slideshow)
(2-weeks after close of your show or by February 15. Early submissions encouraged.)

Photo Submission Form (High Resolution Full Company photo for program)
(Monday February 26. Early submissions encouraged.)

Post-Nomination Day Forms

Ticket Order Form
(due Tuesday, March 20)

Individual Nominee Online Form
(due Friday March 9)
Schools with nominees in the categories of Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, and/or Featured Performer must complete this form.

Award Acceptance Form
(due Friday March 9)
All schools complete this form for each nominated category.

Finale Participants Form
(due Friday March 9)
All schools choose two students for the finale song and dance and complete this form.

Photo Submission Form (Ceremony Montage Photos – Performance Pictures)
(due Wednesday, March 21)

Best Musical Nominee Information Form
(due Wednesday March 21)
Only schools nominated for Best Musical Production must complete this form.

Student Design Award
(Due Wednesday, March 21)
Former recipients include a student choreographer, a student who designed multi-media content, and a student Technical Director.

Program Support Grant
(Due Wednesday, March 21)
Schools may apply for support funds for next year’s musical.

Training Scholarships
(applications due April 6)

Long Center College Audition Program

ZACH Pre-Professional Company 

Texas Arts Project 

Studio School Los Angeles

Texas Musical Theatre Workshop (Due April 11)

Award Ceremony Forms

School Bus Information Form

Volunteer Form
The Greater Austin Musical Theatre Awards at the Long Center are coming up and we are looking for volunteers who are college aged and older! We need able-bodied folks to assemble swag bags, take pictures, or help schools get from the house to backstage and vice versa during this awesome awards ceremony.

Media Release Form
(due during the Director’s meeting in April)
IMPORTANT: Any students who may be on stage the evening of the awards, including but not limited to: production number performers, award receivers, production number introduction people, scholarship applicants, individual nominees, and finale participants, must sign a media release form for photos and video taken during the ceremony.

Judging Documentation

Adjudicator Rules and Procedures

Adjudicator Agreement

Rubric for Adjudication

Scoring and Evaluation Forms

Judging Forms

Scoring and Evaluation Online Form
(due within 72 hours of seeing each adjudicated production)