What is Eclipsing?

POINT A, artists Andrew Schneider and Annie Saunders, have partnered with the Long Center to create a new site-specific soundwalk, free and open to the public.  Eclipsing was made in collaboration with astrophysicists and the local community, using recordings made from the environment and serendipitous storytelling.  Accessed in public space with headphones, the walk is full of ‘was-that-part-of-it’ moments.  Audience members will embark on a journey starting at the Long Center and then on to the Trail at Lady Bird Lake.  Binaural sound design is activated by precise location and time of day, narration is researched, created, and recorded on location in Austin, and live interactions are hidden in plain sight.  Just another day – regular people doing regular things – and then all suddenly, magically synchronous.  Like an eclipse.  

In creating the soundwalk, the POINT A duo collaborated with astrophysicist Katie Breivik to explore the concepts of the relativity of simultaneity, deep time, eclipse cycles, and star formation.  A total eclipse is all about being in the right place at the right time – where the ‘heres and nows’ line up.  Sometimes an entire city is in the right place at the right time.  And sometimes just one person is.  This public artwork puts you through the experience of both.  The cosmos of the Universe – and the inner cosmos of yourself.  

Eclipsing was created to be part of SXSW XR.  The project was made possible by the Simons Foundation and is part of its ‘In the Path of Totality’ initiative.

How do I participate?

1️⃣  Make your way to the LOVE HATE sculptures outside the Long Center. Walks will leave from here daily at 6pm and 6:30pm.

2️⃣ Download the POINT A soundwalk app for free from the Apple store or Google Play Store.

3️⃣  Before you attend, charge up your devices — phone & headphones are a must.

4️⃣  Wear comfortable shoes and prepare for a 1-hour, 2-mile long walk. (Maybe bring some water.)

5️⃣  Be sure to arrive a few minutes before your walk departs so you don’t miss anything.

6️⃣  Enjoy!

April 1 - May 31

You can join this free, site-specific soundwalk daily, April 1-May 31, at 6pm and 6:30pm. 

Make sure to download the app before you arrive 👇

Our Chat with Molly Webster

If you’re into the sun, moon, and all things celestial, check out this Mid-Week Intermission with Radiolab’s Molly Webster, who hosted our Eclipse Viewing Party on April 8. Just wait until you hear (read) her take on the moon!

General FAQ

Generally, soundwalks have been described as any walk that focuses on listening to the environment with or without the use of technology. Some can enhance the experience through the use of voice and sound. This can include scripted or choreographed scores/sound design with additional audio elements. Think like a silent disco but walking instead of dancing.

The soundwalk is about 2 miles and approximately 1 hour in length.

Because the walk is timed and synced between participants, we highly recommend you arrive early so the walk doesn’t start without you.  There will be a few minutes of ‘late entry’ but after that point, you will not be able to participate until a later walk.

While the route was picked to provide maximum accessibility, there are parts of the walk that will require walking on the hike and bike trail, which is generally made from decomposed granite.  This means there is the possibility of uneven surfaces for part of the walk. 

Yes. Every member of your party must have their own device AND headphones. The sound is binaural (designed specifically for headphones) so phone speakers or external speakers will not work – it must be headphones. 

Yes. To access the soundwalk, you’ll need to download the POINT A app from your app store. Every member of your party must also have their own device AND headphones.

Cell service or internet access will be required for the show to cache, load, and stay in sync. You can download the free POINT A app in advance of the walk or during your time slot provided you have cell service with a data plan.

12 and up is recommended.

We may or may not have hired your dog to enhance your experience. (Yes, you can)

Yes, please dress and plan accordingly.

You can download the app for free from the Apple store or Google Play store any time before you come for the soundwalk. Open the app once you arrive at the Long Center, and the app will guide you from there!

ECLIPSING was made to be a site-responsive / site-specific work and can only be experienced in person. But keep a lookout — POINT A may be making a walk near you soon.

Thanks for asking! You can email the artists directly at hello@pointa.works or join their mailing list at www.pointa.works. You can spread the word and share your images and thoughts on social media – be sure to tag us at @longcenter and use #eclipsingatx.

All the instructions for troubleshooting will be within the help page of the app itself. For any other questions, please use the contact form on the POINT A website – www.pointa.works.

About the Triangle Program

This particular soundwalk is part of a larger initiative called the Triangle Program. As part of the Triangle Program, a new initiative of Science, Society and Culture at the Simons Foundation, artworks and creative collaborations between artists, institutions, and scientists all along the path of totality are being supported in just 6 communities across the country. There are 7 projects funded, but there are two in Austin – the other one is supported by Fusebox.

These collaborations are given crucial support — and a venue — by arts and cultural centers like the Long Center. The Long Center views its role in this program as collaborator and catalyst for activation and development. The Long Center is hosting POINT A as artists in residence providing space for creation, audition/rehearsal, and administration of the piece. From performance to sculpture, immersive theater to multimedia, the Triangle Program is supporting the continuation of an ancient tradition — creating art inspired by the majesty of an eclipse. 

About The Artists

POINT A is a collaboration between interdisciplinary artists Annie Saunders and Andrew Schneider. Together they create site-responsive artworks that combine performance practice, installation, interactivity, sound art, new technologies, and works for public space. These have included two location-and-time-based soundwalks: Current, commissioned by Arts Brookfield and winner of the Tribeca Festival’s Immersive Award for Creative Nonfiction, and Kormós, a series of walks in Athens for the Onassis Foundation’s Plásmata exhibition. These works were created with Marc Downie/OpenEndedGroup and Octopus Theatricals, and included creative collaboration with Emma O’Halloran and Jackie! Zhou/One Thousand Birds as well as numerous local creative consultants and contributors.

Special Thanks

Producer: Dax Stringer

Production Coordinator, First Phase: Alexa Fischer

Production Stage Manager:  Dátil de la Garza

Coordinators: Luxy Banner, Elena Ivonye


Created in collaboration with: Katie Breivik, Aida Reyes, Dany Casey, Emily Green, Errin Delperdang, Gothess Jasmine, Janet Maykus, Julia Fae, khattieQ, Love Muwwakkil, Matthew Sommers, Melissa Sanderson, Mia Moi, Thomas C. Booker

Additional Voices: Emi Aguilar, Dr. Ruben A. Arellano, Katie Breivik

Research Consultation: Katie Breivik, Emi Aguilar, Dr. Ruben A. Arellano, Ted Siff, Sarah Fusco, Hanna Cofer, Caitlin Young, Shandon Sahm, John Moretti, Ursula Schulz

Get in touch with us

Did your heres and nows line up perfectly on the soundwalk? You can email Annie & Andrew to let them know about your ECLIPSING experience.

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