Part recording studio, part "black box" theatre

With its flexible “black box” design, the Debra & Kevin Rollins Studio Theatre primarily serves local and regional artists and community arts groups by providing a space that can be adapted to suit specific and unique performance needs.

This space also functions as an ideal place for film screenings, audio recordings, and corporate meetings, as well as office holiday parties and events, dinners, or company gatherings. Its configurable stage and seating provide a wide-range of possibilities to fit any type of event, from cabaret-style tables and chairs to unconventional stage placement. 

Recording & Content Capture

When COVID-19 closed the doors of venues across the city, we transformed our Rollins Studio Theatre to help support organizations and creatives seeking access to the services, equipment, and resources of a recording studio.

Set the Scene

With professional audio, engineering, and videography, this space provides a backstage vibe to any recording. Add that professional touch to your next podcast, webinar, or album recording in our Rollins Studio Theatre.


A unique, versatile space where local talent shines.

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socially-distant experience.

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