Mid-Week Intermission Staff Edition: Ronan Melomo


Introducing Ronan, our Education & Outreach Coordinator and aspiring actor. If you have a student participating in any of the Long Center education programs, chances are you’ve met Ronan and know what a lovely, caring person he is.

Plus, he has an impeccable sense of style we all wish we could pull off, and is the very best Pokémon trainer (like no one ever was).

Hello! This is Ronan Melomo with the Education & Outreach department at the Long Center.

While summer programming is on hold for us, we’re working hard to make sure the Long Center’s education programs are stronger than ever to support the students and teachers moving into this school year! I’m excited for the innovative ways people are bringing arts education to students right now.

In efforts to stay sane I’ve turned to teaching myself how to make music, cramming as many free YouTube tutorials I can find on music theory, guitar, and piano, and music editing software. I’ve also been into the traditional summer activities like fishing, swimming, and barbecuing — all in the virtual reality of Animal Crossing New Horizons, of course.


(aka a shameless plug)

Staying creative, I’ve been devising a radio play with a fantastic team of theatre artists this summer. We’ve just finalized the script and are heading into the rehearsal and recording process.

Here’s a taste:

The Heartland Theatre Collective presents Passage, a new radio play about a team of astronauts exploring love, loss, and faith at the precipice of a black hole. After their mission goes horribly wrong, they must confront the darkest parts of themselves as they enter a dangerous and unknown part of space. Passage is currently being devised and recorded by a team of award-winning, emerging artists with the critically-acclaimed new company, the Heartland Theatre Collective. It will be available to stream at the end of August.

“Amendment: the making of american myth or the slow sipping of a peacock tea” is written & performed by Taji Senior and directed by Si Mon’ Emmett. There will be a livestream August 21st, thanks to Ground Floor Theatre and DRIVE-IN PERFORMANCES (yes, live theatre, I know, I’m losing my mind I’m so excited) August 22-23 at the Rogge Ranch house (SVT’s new home).

Follow @salvagevanguard on Instagram to stay tuned!

Really, I am!

Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies and a UK theatre company, Out of Chaos Theatre, are working together to read through the complete canon of Greek Theatre in 2020. They take place every Wednesday online at 2pm CST and many times feature local Austin actors.

(Catch me reading Hermes in the “Prometheus Bound” episode. If you’re a nerd for theatre, ancient Greece, or listening to British people read big words out loud, this is definitely for you.)

Shakespeare at Winedale, a beloved UT English program with a 50-year tenure (and also where I met my partner of 4 years playing Romeo & Juliet in a barn), is hosting weekly happy hours each Friday at 4:30pm CST. Conversations mostly center around Civil Rights, Social Justice, Race, Academics, and more in the context of Shakespeare’s work and how we view it today.

This program is led by some really incredible academics and thinkers and is a great way to wrap up the work week & kick off the weekend!

Strong Texas women making Strong Texas music. What more is there to say? Stream “Gaslighter,” y’all!

That’s all from this episode of Ronan’s Masterpiece Theatre!


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