Behind the Scenes with Latin GRAMMY Winners Flor de Toloache

This Friday, we welcome the Latin GRAMMY-winning sounds of Flor de Toloache to our H-E-B Terrace for lookOUT! We caught up with this all-female mariachi ensemble before the show to hear how they’ve stayed curious, connected, and creative over the past year. Read on and join us Friday with Las Cafeteras and Austin locals The Los Sundowns

Flor de Toloache pose in a dinner booth dressed in white in this black and white photo
Photo by Nikki Schmidt

Long Center: Tell us a little bit about how Flor de Toloache has handled the chaos of the last year. How did you stay creative? What was rehearsal like How did you stay connected to each other?

Flor de Toloache: As a band we were as physically distant as we could possibly be, with Mireya in New Zealand, Shae in New Jersey, etc. for 17 months. We connected via Facetime and other streaming platforms to make music together, writing and performing solo with each other on the other side.

Lots of Instagram and Facebook Lives started off the pandemic and from there we began the whole performing-from-home thing by recording ourselves, each doing our own audio and video, sharing files, and stitching together “live” performances. We kept in touch with other artists and continued writing, collaborating, and releasing music! We definitely gained new skills as sound engineers and videographers LOL, but we are so relieved and happy to be performing live again.

Long Center: We’re incredibly excited to be launching our lookOUT series this fall with such a broad lineup, including your performance with Las Cafeteras on November 12th.

What’s it been like to tour again? Has it been exciting, nerve-wracking, or freeing to play for crowds once again?

Flor de Toloache: Playing live music, TOGETHER, actually physically together, in front of a physical audience is both amazing and, at first, was strange. The overwhelming feeling, however, is that everyone on stage and in the audience is clearly THRILLED and overjoyed to be partaking in the unparalleled experience of live music. It is a blessing and we are so excited to be a part of the Long Center’s lookOUT series performing with our very close friends, Las Cafeteras.

Flor de Toloache dressed in red and black in front of gold lights
Photo by Andrei Averbuch
Flor de Toloache dressed in all black with fringe jackets against a white background and floor
Photo by Andrei Averbuch

Long Center: Any new projects or albums in the works that you can share with us?

Flor de Toloache: We are working on releasing a rock covers album that we started recording over the pandemic as well as new music for our fourth album. In addition, we just released a new song with superstar Ximena Sariñana, “El Amor Más Grande.”

Long Center: What can our lookOUT concertgoers expect from your show on November 12th?

Flor de Toloache: LookOUT concertgoers can expect a music journey, an exploration of our traditional mariachi instruments through our original songs that span many genres, powerful vocal performances, rich with harmonies, and lots of smiles and gritos!


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