This year has been a tough one, but also a year to celebrate. So, we’re doing just that with a list of highlights from 2021.

Despite it all, we managed to come together for live music, new experiences, and good times, but we couldn’t have done it without you. So, we just want to say “thanks,” and wish you a safe and healthy end to 2021. And now, let’s celebrate what we were able to achieve this year.


The Drop-In
The Drop-In, Brynn Osborn

The Year of Live

The new year dawned and the collective question on our minds was …okay, so how do we get back out there? Over the next few months, we realized the answer was a combination of dependable partners, definitive Austin vibes, and more seating pods.

Then came another round of Long Live Music, the love child of Long Center and Luck Reunion. Not only could we not have asked for better partners, but the community-building mix of national & local artists and safe, communal experience was also a breath of fresh air. It told us that yes, “live” is possible again. We can bring music back safely.

Long Live Music
Long Live Music, Suzanne Cordeiro
lookOUT feat. serpentwithfeet, Catriona Long

After that came more terrific partners in the name of “live,” including the three-day Keep Live Music Alive festival with Black Fret (sporting a star-studded, Austin-centric lineup we won’t forget quickly), the explorative ‘lookOUT’ series with outer/most agency, and a new pal for us in ACL Radio. Ushering in a fresh wave of free community events for the Long Center, and turning our H-E-B Terrace into a go-to spot for the entire summer, partnering with ACL Radio on The Drop-In was our cautious-yet-lively anthem of the season. 

The Year of Local

Good Vibes Only featuring Melat
Good Vibes Only feat. Mélat, Sophia Lawson

The Drop-In also heralded a fresh perspective of our own backyard — Austin isn’t the Live Music Capital of the World for nothin’, and we knew exactly what to do with that. This free, 16-show series allowed us to see our neighbors again, and even meet new ones. To hang out as regulars at our local joint while tip-toeing back out into the world. Discovering new local artists and showing up when they needed it most.

Our goal of providing a reliable stage for Austin’s artists and local production folks really took shape this year, leading us to Good Vibes Only. This groovy experiment in staging, sound, and concept turned our black box theatre into a sound stage, and gave Austin artists an opportunity to stream new music — often written during pandemic times — and reach an audience at home while still sounding and looking rad. Check out these free episodes for yourself.

The Drop-In featuring Gina Chavez
The Drop-In feat. Gina Chavez, ACL Raido

Supported by the Long Center’s Artist Fund (you can still contribute, by the way), we’re making these two new series the backbone of our commitment to Austin’s culture and its incredible spectrum of diversity. We know we have work to do here, and we made it a point for our lineups to reflect this.

Look for more form these programs in 2022. 😉

The Year of ‘We Can Help with That’

Austin Asian American Film Festival, Roger Ho

A renewed focus on what it meant to be “local” also meant supporting our fellow organizations in bigger and better ways. Looking at our wide-open spaces, we reached out to share them. A …yeah, we can definitely help with that mentality kept us busy and grew our relationships with those around us.

Musically Fed Food & Goods Drive, Suzanne Cordeiro

We got to know the team at Six Square through exchanging playlists, and saw Big Freedia return to the Long Center for their Beyond the Square Festival. There was also a movie premiere with Austin Asian American Film Festival, a fundraiser for the Musician Treatment Foundation to provide critical healthcare for musical artists, a drive to help feed live entertainment and events industry crews with Musically Fed, and a temporary home base for Austin Mutual Aid.

Six Square's Beyond the Square, Suzanne Cordeiro

Our staff also rallied to make sure that five million dollars in critical funds were delivered to Austin’s live music venues quickly and efficiently through the City’s SAVES initiative, with more to come in 2022.

But what we’re really proud of are the connections we’ve made this year that came from listening, helping, and reaching out while asking, “Hi, how are you?”

The Year of ‘Getting Back to It’

Hasan Minhaj in Dell Hall, Tour

It might sound cheesy, but Santa Claus returning to the H-E-B Terrace for the first time in over two years (can you believe it??) felt as though the holidays had come early. It’s been surreal for us, as a creative group of arts and experience lovers thrown into a world without live events, to get to return to a Long Center tradition and reunite as a group doing something as simple as taking a picture with ‘ole Sant Nick.

Members of Long Center's Guest & Event Services team posing for a picture with Santa
LC's Guest & Event Services team at Santa on the Terrace, Catriona Long

This feeling of getting-back-to-it-ness has been all-encompassing. In the last few months, we’ve hosted two sold-out performances in Dell Hall with Hasan Minhaj — pinch us, because we still feel like we’re dreaming — and we’ve watched our friends at the Ballet, Symphony, and Opera return to full-house performances with safety measures in place. We’re even excitedly planning for our Heller Awards for Young Artists to return to the stage in 2022. 🤞

The Year of ‘What’s Next?’

The Drop-In
The Drop-In, Catriona Long

Our Long Center world is beginning to come back into focus, but we know that challenges still lie ahead. Through it all, we’ve relied on our curiosity and our team’s abilities to think fresh and push outside the box. What would happen if we combine these two artists? We can make digital theatre, right? Is Austin ready for a variety show? …are all real questions we’ve asked ourselves throughout the course of the year. Some things worked and some things didn’t, but we kept coming back to the basic question, “what’s next, and how do we get there?”

We’re not at all sure what’s next, but you can bet it’ll involve experimentation, new friends, and more Austin vibes. What we do know is that we’re full of surprises. So don’t write us off yet — we’ve got a full upcoming 2022 calendar, some really bright ideas, and one excellent Austin community. See you soon!

Wishing you a safe & healthy New Year from all of us at the Long Center — here’s to 2022!
Long Live Music, Suzanne Cordeiro


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We don’t know if you’ve noticed… but a new tradition has appeared on our H-E-B Terrace! This week, hear from our friend Donavin Velez, the DJ behind Austin’s Underground Roller Disco. The now bi-monthly meetup on wheels has taken our Terrace by storm, and we caught up with Donavin to hear how it all got started. If you want to check it out, follow @theundergroundatx for all the meetup details.

Donavin with his DJ setup outside on Long Center's H-E-B Terrace
I’m Donavin.

I’ve been a house music & disco DJ — and also a skateborder — since the ’90s in the NYC area. 10 years ago, I moved my auto detailing business to Austin and took a small break from music to focus on my business. It wasn’t until recently, after I finished my 2-year vow of silence, that I started to have fun with music again. After a period of healing and a return to talking, I began planning fun events with my music. And that’s how all this started.

Photo by Cap City Shots
A group of skaters take a break
Photo by Cap City Shots

At the time, I was just starting to get back into music and planning events, but then Covid struck and the pandemic happened. When the world shut down and all the clubs and stores were closed, the only safe place to be was outdoors, keeping our distance.

So I started small gatherings in Zilker Park with friends and other DJs. These events really helped us get through the tough times and we all worked hard to keep them safe.

It began to grow from there, and so I started looking into more outdoor venues, and someone mentioned to me that people had started roller skating on the Long Center Terrace. Since I grew up in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, I have collected so much fun music from those iconic eras that I felt would go great with roller skating. So, I decided to set up my DJ booth one day and promoted in a local roller skating Facebook group.

It was a great first event and we’ve been doing it twice a month ever since!

And as for my favorite Long Center memory… one night we were jamming out there from 4pm until 1am when, all of a sudden, random fireworks started going off right in front of the skyline. Everyone started screaming and it was such an unexpected rush.

Freedom, good music, and good times keep skaters coming to these events. We just celebrated our 1-year anniversary of skating on the Terrace on November 28th, and I’d love to keep working with the Long Center for even bigger events, concert-style, with food trucks and drinks, raise money for charities, have pop-up vendors, and much much more. It’s such a great location out on their H-E-B Terrace, and a great view of the city skyline.

Photo by Cap City Shots
Come check it out!


At the Long Center, we’ve always got a new partnership or something cool we know you’ll want to check out! Find and follow us @longcenter on your social media platform of choice, and we’ll see you real soon.

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