Our curiosity is live and in-person. Welcome back.

Brilliance is all around us, and this year we’re not only embracing what’s in our own backyard, but also the borderlands of expression and experience.

Welcome the discovery, diversity, and presentation of creativity with us as we find new and highlight what’s already here. This is the place where bleeding-edge musical artists meet steadfast performing arts, and where internationally-renowned scholars, authors, and voices meet family night. This is where curiosity is live.

So explore new artists or re-establish long-standing traditions — you’re invited to see what we’ve been working on.

Events to pique your interest...

Tell a New Tale

Fantasy is best told by Neil Gaiman. Hear what’s next from the mind of one of our most brilliant authors.

Achieve the (IM)possible

Fuse strings with hip-hop and forward thinking for a night of classical boom.

Go on a Curiosity Bender

Whirl through science, history, journalism, and more with Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad as your guide.

See What Else is Out There

lookOUT for Something New

Genre, sound, and expectation are all fair game in this series. Push your musical boundaries with lookOUT and you might just find your next mixtape fix.

Excite New Discoveries

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Gain a New Perspective

Experience the events you already love from the ground-up. We’re always looking for more volunteer ushers to help us make everyone’s night at the Long Center the best night.

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