P A R K S P A C E Blooms on the Long Center Lawn


For months now (almost 6 by our count?) we’ve had health & safety top of mind, plus aaalllll the other parts of our lives that have made this pause in Austin’s Summer a big bummer. But in green spaces across town, P A R K S P A C E has arrived to provide a visual stay-safe guide while venturing outdoors, including at the Long Center!

If you’ve taken your dog to Republic Square or gone out to Roy Guerrero Park recently, you’ve probably seen giant, colorful (eco-friendly!) squares in the grass and enjoyed your own plot of safe space for a time.

The vibrant and practical installations, each inspired by the topography and character of each site with a color story & design based on a Texas wildflower, are a partnership between the Austin Foundation for Architecture, AIA Austin, and Gensler intended to help visualize social distancing guideline’s in Austin’s beloved green spaces.

The Long Center Lawn is the latest addition to this intersection of art, public space, and community with three sets of coneflower-inspired squares.

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As always, please remember that P A R K S P A C E is here to help, but don’t be square — wear your masks and keep your social distance.

Where can I enjoy the other P A R K S P A C E installations?

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Zilker Park
Prickly Pear Cactus

Roy Guerrero Colorado River Park

Republic Square
Indian Blanket

Pease Park

About the Coneflower

Did you know…?

The genus name of purple coneflower comes from the Greek word echino, meaning hedgehog, and refers to its spiny brown central cone.

Native Americans discovered healing properties of the coneflowers by observing wild animals. They noticed that wounded elks would recuperate after consuming coneflowers.

Coneflowers are initially odorless. After a successful pollination however, coneflowers produce a sweet, vanilla-like scent.

Looking for more? Check out Long Story Short

Tune in on the social media channel of your choice Friday, August 28 for our Long Story Short episode featuring Heath Riddles-Sanchez, CEO of Pease Park Conservancy and our own former Director of Marketing at the LC, and Gerardo Gandy, Exhibitions Committee Chair for the Austin Foundation for Architecture and creative behind the P A R K S P A C E installations.

Dive in to the process of bringing this experience to life, the links between our parks and our people, and what to look out for in the future.

Our lawn and terrace are always open for you to stroll by and get some fresh air. Share and tag us @longcenter #longcenter so we can remember what Austin looks like!

We know it’s not fun right now, but we also know all of you want to keep your neighbors safe. Please wear a mask and maintain social distance while lounging on our lawn.

All images courtesy of Gensler

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