Mid-Week Intermission Staff Edition: Sarah Spivey


For this edition of Mid-Week Intermission, we went straight to Sarah Spivey, our on-the-ground expert on everything event-related and our daily dose of fresh air. Quick with a joke, Sarah’s your pal for what’s underground in the visual arts scene so we asked her to share what’s been keeping her creative.

Hello fellow humans!

I’m Sarah Spivey. You’ve probably seen me walking through a lobby or on the H-E-B Terrace during an event at the Long Center. I am fortunate to work alongside an incredible team of Event Coordinators, House Managers, and Volunteers who love the Long Center and work hard to ensure that our guests and clients have a memorable experience.

A major part of my work prior to the pandemic included performance and event support that usually fell outside of regular office hours. Having a predictable schedule was an adjustment, but I am getting used to the new routine while finding and refining ways to root and flourish. Slowing down has been incredibly insightful to my process of moving through each day.



The 30+ house plants that I care for require a bit more attention during the summer months. It’s been a treat working from home and having time to dust leaves, check water levels, propagate, and watch new growth!

My favorite local shop is East Austin Succulents. Their plants and staff are top notch, and they’re currently helping customers keep distance by offering curbside pickup! If cut flowers are more your thing, I highly recommend The Flower Social for a virtual flower arranging workshop.


When I’m not listening to KUTXWWOZ, or KMFA, my ears tune into whatever new or new-to-me music I can find. A few albums I’m enjoying this moment are Mordechai by Khruangbin, The Shadows and the Light by Quin Kirchner, We Have Amnesia Sometimes by Yo La Tengo, and Film of Life by Tony Allen.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another way my ears engage — podcasts. I really enjoy the stories from the guys at Last Podcast on the Left, the ways musicians break down their work on Song Exploder, and hearing female artist views on Recording Artists.


Now that we’ve covered what my ears have been up to, my eyes have been eagerly grazing the pages of Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit, as well as Maira Kalman’s The Principles of Uncertainty. I found these great titles at two of my favorite local bookstores, South Congress Books and BookPeople.


I decided at the beginning of isolation to make the most of my free time by creating new things. On my kitchen table currently resides a sculpture to glaze, a cup of pens to draw, a neighboring stack of notebooks, rolls of film to develop, and Sculpey.

I enjoy moving between mediums but have found calm in doodling through my thoughts. I’m joining Anthony Maddaloni at Eastside Silver Print for a six-week workshop focused on alternate photo printmaking processes. I’m excited to try my hand at cyanotype printmaking!

My go-to shops for creative supplies and services (in case you’re looking to pick up some new things, too) are Jerry’s ArtaramaArmadillo Clay & Supplies, and Holland Photo Imaging. If you want to see what I’m up to, you can also follow along my creative journey @floatingupsidedown on Instagram.

Though I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to slow down a bit, I’m very excited to get back into the swing of things (safely). Be well and hope to see you soon!

Thanks for exploring Sarah’s desk with us. See you next time!

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