Mid-Week Intermission Staff Edition: Amber Wadey

Mid-Week Intermission Staff Edition: Amber Wadey


For this edition of Mid-Week Intermission, we went straight to Amber Wadey, as our Director of People & Culture. Amber has been an integral part of making sure our team stays motivated while working from home, whether it’s organizing group workouts or encouraging our pet pictures in the LC slack channel — you’ll always find Amber ready to tackle whatever problem you throw her way.

Hello! I’m Amber Wadey, Director of People & Culture at the Long Center. I’m newer to the team and have now spent more time working from home than I spent in the office (!!!). The culture of our organization has always revolved around community events on campus and shows on stage, so shifting many employees to work from home has been a challenge. But, keeping our team safe and productive is vital as we work to ensure that Austin’s art and music scene continue to thrive. And it’s been a little fun, too.

☝️ This is Amber


I miss my colleagues and the beautiful view from the building, but my family has been loving our days at home together. I have two kids and our lives seemed so hectic before — always rushing out the door to school or camp or to a workout or after-school program. I’ve been incredibly impressed with how each of these aspects of our lives has pivoted to a virtual format.

My kids had a great time this summer learning improv, acting, filmmaking, stage combat, and monster make-up online with kidsActing Studio. They logged in to events put on by our local library, Mad Science, and even tried out a week of Camp Gladiator’s virtual kid’s camp!


I’ve also been working out with Camp Gladiator for years and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about zoom workouts. Now, having logged over 80 workouts from my garage since March, I am hooked. We typically host CG on the H-E-B Terrace at the Long Center, and last week our trainer lead a virtual workout for our whole team. If you’re still looking for your quarantine workout routine, you should give them a try!


I thought it would be impossible for running clubs and events to make the shift online, but virtual 5ks have kept me motivated to run (at least a little bit) through the hot Texas summer. I’ve been participating in the Cap 10k, Maudie’s Moonlight Margarita Run, and Daisy 5k for years, and I’m not about to stop now. It’s been so important for my mental health to stay active, connected, and to continue to support local organizations like the Trail Foundation and Marathon Kids, even while we can’t meet up in person.


I just painted myself to be a pretty active person, but the truth is, right now I spend most of my days sitting at my computer, supporting the Long Center team while streaming KUTX. We’ve been cooking and baking together every day, and things are about to get hectic again with a full schedule of online school. Just about every aspect of our lives and community have shifted to interactive content, classes, and live performances streamed right into the comfort and safety of our homes. As rewarding as it’s been to find new ways to deliver and enjoy programming, we are eager to welcome you back to the Long Center as soon as it’s possible to do so. Until then, I hope to see you on the lawn or online soon!

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