Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Nicolas Sanchez Castro from Superfónicos


This week features Nicolas Sanchez Castro of Superfónicos. Read on to find out what’s kept him going these last eight months, and be sure to tune into Superfónicos performance featured on our new series Good Vibes Only powered by AT&T, featuring local artists safely recorded in our Rollins Studio Theatre. Streaming free, tonight at 7pm on Luck.Stream!

My name is Nicolas Sanchez Castro and I am the bass player and bandleader for Austin-based Colombian funk ambassadors, Superfónicos. I’m also involved with Wache, a collective that performs traditional music from the Carribean coast of Colombia as well as multiple reggae groups including Lakandon, Micah Shalom, and Don Chani.

For as long as I can remember, the Long Center has been a cultural hub for the Austin community, and more specifically, a magical place for my family and me. Whether it’s a birthday date with my wife to see The Avett Brothers, hanging out on the pavilion with my son for H-E-B’s birthday celebration, sunning on the lawn during Sound and Cinema, or even performing with one of my groups, the Long Center has always provided an incredible backdrop for great Austin memories. Catching the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the balcony or playing the piano in the green room before a performance, the Long Center has been cemented in my mind as one of those crucial institutions that many generations will hopefully be lucky enough to enjoy.

How Nicolas has been Keeping Sane During the Pandemic


As a working musician, I thrive when my calendar has so much writing in each box that I need a magnifying glass to read my tasks for the day. Going from full calendar to wide open for months left me shell-shocked, but luckily I have a wonderful support system at home and I’ve been enjoying the time with my wifelocal jeweler Lindsay Sanchezson Maximo, and our senior pets, Chino and Hula. Also patiently awaiting the arrival of baby girl Lucia in January of 2021.


Performing for me is part musical satisfaction, part transcendental meditation, and part workout session. Anyone that has been to a Superfónicos show knows what I’m talking about. Once performances were taken away by Covid, I filled at least two of those voids with long jogs through the Hill Country. The time alone jogging has helped with staying grounded and focused, while keeping away the pandemic weight gain.


Usually my work keeps me from gardening but, with a blank calendar, I took advantage and spent a bunch of time in the garden this summer. The pandemic has extended much past summer, so I’ve now moved on to Fall/Winter gardening. Growing your own food is rewarding yet frustrating, but also incredibly liberating. Teaching my son about the food cycle and seeing the wonder in his eyes when a seed starts sprouting and eventually provides us with food has been nourishing in its own way.


The time at home has really motivated me to have my own space to write and record from my house. The late summer was spent designing and planning, and the building will begin in early December. This probably would have never happened if the pandemic had not hit, so silver linings are everywhere these days.


With so much focus on staying healthy and not getting sick, I’ve doubled down on healthy eating. The late nights at clubs and bars can lead to too many late-night drinks and greasy street food. Eating better and not getting sick are so closely linked it is truly baffling that, especially in Covid times, people continue to eat poorly. To each their own, but I’ve been focusing on eating more of a balanced, plant-based diet.


Catch Nicolas and the rest of the band for some Afro-Colombian funk and a little Caribe Soul TONIGHT at 7pm for a lush set all their own. Until then, continue to share those Good Vibes!

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