Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Jessica Pyrdsa of Datura


Datura’s rotating backing band is explained in this week’s Mid-Week Intermission from Jessica PyrdsaSee what Jessica’s been up to during the past year while unable to perform, plus meet the three musicians making Datura complete on tonight’s Good Vibes Only. It’s always a new sound to look forward to!


What a blur of a year this has been. Datura is comprised of myself (Jessica Pyrdsa) and a rotating cast of stellar musicians. We felt so lucky to be invited to play at the Long Center, especially during a time when we were all craving live music and human interaction, and let me tell you — the human interaction received from the crew at the Long Center was like a drink of a tall, cold glass of water.

I was thankful for an excuse to get together for band practice, when otherwise my time has been spent riding my bike, doing yoga, discovering I can paint, and aimlessly buying things on Facebook Marketplace.

I also put out a couple of singles, “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” (a Tom Waits cover), and my original “Hotel Lobby” with an accompanying music video directed by Hollie Hart.

The band I put together for our recording for Good Vibes Only is some of my all-time favorites to play with.

On drums is Greggory Clifford. You have probably seen him before playing with Kalu & The Electric Joint or his project Slug, as well as touring nationally with a few others. He’s been teaching music lessons, producing music/beats, playing tennis, and being a dog dad (he’s a good one).

On horns is Paul Deemer, who also plays with Austin bands CalexicoThe Polyphonic Spree and Gina Chavez. He’s been filling his time with teaching at UT, co-founding management company Loro with partner Cris Flores, as well as running his own business (PDE) which includes producing, consultation, music coaching, and remote recording.

And on bass is Sam Pankey. A crowd favorite. Sam plays with other bands such as BalmorheaPR NewmanMarmalakes, and Mother Falcon. He’s been practicing, buying gear, running, and learning how to appreciate wine (getting pretty good at the drinking part already).

Looking forward to the world slowly coming back while keeping the mindfulness I’ve gained over the past year. Hope to see you out there soon.


Xoxo — Jessica
a.k.a. Datura

Sit back and enjoy a bluesy night — Datura’s performance on Good Vibes Only airs tonight at 8pm, streaming free on Luck.Stream.

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