Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Andy from Montopolis


This week’s Mid-Week Intermission comes from Andy Beaudoin, drummer for Montopolis (get a taste of their sound here before tuning into also tonight’s Good Vibes Only). Between teaching percussion students over Zoom and helping his nieces navigate online school, Andy hasn’t let Covid slow him down.

Hi, everyone!

Andy Beaudoin here. I am a professional musician living in Austin, TX, and you can catch me playing drums with Montopolis on tonight’s Good Vibes Only stream. I’ve performed at the Rollins Theatre in the Long Center a number of times over the years. The first time was with a pit orchestra playing original music by Justin Sherburn (Montopolis’ music director) for a very unique and absolutely fantastic production of The Red Balloon.

In many ways, the complications of a Covid reality have led to a simplifying of my everyday routine. Last fall, I taught an online History of Jazz class. I also currently teach around 20 percussion students… all on Zoom.

Don’t forget — catch Laura and the rest of Sun June tonight on Good Vibes Only, streaming free at 8pm. Plus, you’ll hear some of their new tunes!

Other than that, I’ve been trying to stay creatively sharp and physically active on my own. After an initial bout of writer’s block in the early days of quarantine, I’ve broken through with composing a batch of songs for my band Nori. In lieu of pickup basketball at the Y, I’ve taken up running. I’m also about dive into the MasterClass online series. For my first class, I can’t decide between Herbie Hancock teaching jazz or Steph Curry teaching basketball. At that level of mastery, I imagine they’re one and the same.

I want to close with some encouraging words. The vaccine is here, we are on the verge of a music renaissance, and cedar season is almost over! And if you want to help out the Austin music community, the best thing you can do is support HAAM. I’ll also leave you with a drum solo I like to call “Drum Quarantine.”

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