Mid-Week Intermission feat. Gallery 701

Live art is in full swing at the Long Center! As the fall air rolls in (hopefully 🤞), we’re beyond excited to welcome Austinites indoors for a full schedule of shows this fall. But before the house lights go down and the stage lights go up, we have a lil treat for you. Our Producer and resident cool person, Andrea Hyland, gave our upstairs gallery a facelift. The new and improved Gallery 701 made its official debut at lookOUT Fest on September 3, but the new art will be on display (and available for purchase 😉) for quite a while.

We sat down with Andrea to talk about the curators she worked with, how they selected the artists, and what she hopes Austinites will get out of the new Gallery 701. Get reading 👇

Long Center: We’re so excited that Gallery 701 is getting a refresh! Tell us about that space and why it inspires you.

Andrea: The space is a little quirky and, if you know me, you know I have a soft spot for quirky. The room speaks to the history and architecture of the Long Center. It has a slight curve to it, left over from the old Palmer Auditorium, and is right next to what we call ‘West Pincer’, an outdoor patio space that overlooks the H-E-B Terrace and has a great view of the skyline. You can’t help but be inspired there. Since the Long Center is all about supporting local artists, I thought revamping Gallery 701 was the perfect way to do just that.

Long Center: When you took on this project, how did you select whose work you would feature?

Andrea: When the opportunity came to redo Gallery 701, I reached out to some of the leaders in the Austin art scene and asked them to be on a curatorial committee — Jordan Nelsen from Women & Their Work, Chris Burch from Co-Lab Projects, Brittany Williams from Origin Studio House, and Kyle Evans from dadageek (you can learn more about each of the curators here). My goal was to pull work from artists of various backgrounds and media so that the Gallery could represent the diversity of the City.

Long Center: What does it mean to you to be amplifying the work of local artists?

Andrea: I want to be a resource for the art community, so any time I have an opportunity to support local artists, I take it. The new Gallery 701 is an outlet where artists can reach a larger audience, plus it’s a great space to hang out in within the Long Center — a win win!

Long Center: The arts are nestled deep in the heart of ATX, and curiosity is the key to making engaging and compelling art. What does curiosity mean to you? How do you stay curious?

Andrea: Curiosity is the backbone of my being. I try to incorporate it into every part of my life, especially the work I do here at the Long Center. I am a seeker, and that comes with great reward. I keep curious by engaging with my environment, being open to new people, new ideas, and new experiences.

Long Center: What do you hope people get out of the new Gallery 701?

Andrea: I would consider these artists (who you can learn more about here) a diverse group; there are lots of textures, colors, and vibes happening, so there’s something for everybody. I am excited for the up and comers Jacob Guzman and Barbara Minarro. Jacob is a self-taught painter inspired by music and Barbara explores ideas of the body in migration through soft sculpture. Its an honor to share space with all these creative minds. I don’t want to reveal to much information… I invite you to see for yourself!

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Photos by Sophia Lawson

Next time you find yourself at the Long Center (perhaps for a show this fall), wander up the stairs to the new Gallery 701 and experience it for yourself. Like Andrea said, there’s something for everyone.


At the Long Center, we’ve always got a new partnership or something cool we know you’ll want to check out! Find and follow us @longcenter on your social media platform of choice, and we’ll see you real soon.

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