Mid-Week Intermission Friend Edition: Tater and His Dad, Jo

If you attended The Drop-In this summer, chances are you ran across our friend, Tater, and his dad, Jo! In this Mid-Week Intermission, get to know this dynamic duo, what they love about Austin, and why they love being Long Center Members.

Photo by Brynn Osborn
Woof woof! Greetings, dear friends!

My name is Tater, and I’m one happy, long-haired mini dachshund with a heart full of love for my wonderful city of Austin. Although I was born on the sunny shores of Corpus Christi, life took an exciting turn, and now I call Austin home. I live with my dad, Jo, who I must say is the best dog dad a doxie like me could ever ask for.

Dad and I became a team right at the start of the COVID era, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. It was a time when we all needed a little extra love and companionship, and we found that in each other. Dad’s not just my human; he’s my partner in adventure.

One of the things I love most about Austin is exploring the Hike and Bike Trail. There’s something magical about strolling along those scenic paths, with the wind in my long hair and the sights and sounds (and sniffs) of the city all around. Saturdays are extra special because that’s when I get to hang out with my doxie friends and their humans. We run, play, and chase our tails until we’re all tuckered out.

Photo by Brynn Osborn

But the real excitement for Dad and me happens during the summer at The Drop-In at the Long Center. It combines everything we love about Austin! You see, Dad is a huge fan of live music and a strong supporter of the Austin arts scene. His favorite show at The Drop-In this year was THEBROSFRESH, and I must admit, I really liked them, too! The music, the energy, the crowd – it was all so exhilarating!

Photo Courtesy of Jo

We’re proud members of the Long Center, and Dad says it’s vital to support nonprofits like it. The Long Center brings so much joy and culture to Austin, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Being there, surrounded by the Austin community, enjoying fantastic music, and supporting the arts – it’s what makes our hearts sing!

So, if you ever see me out and about in Austin, come say hello! I’m always up for meeting new people, just like Dad. If not, then I’ll see you next summer at The Drop-In or during any of the Long Center’s wonderful events the rest of the year!


Tater 🐾🎶🎨


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