Mid-Week Intermission Friend Edition: Jackie Nirenberg with Capital Metro


This week’s Mid-Week Intermission features our friend Jackie Nirenberg from Capital Metro. Jackie leads community engagement for Project Connect, CapMetro’s new proposal for Austin transit. Find out more about Jackie’s favorite memories from attending events at the Long Center and her hobbies once she’s off the clock.

Hi everyone!

I’m Jackie Nirenberg, Community Engagement Manager for Capital Metro. In my five years at CapMetro, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with the Long Center in so many ways. We’ve held meetings in the beautiful Kodosky Lounge, helped students take advantage of the amazing programming the Long Center offers, and enjoyed making bubbles with Austin families at Bubblepalooza each year.

I’m Jackie, and this $3 garage sale painting has been my official backdrop for zillions of Zoom meetings.

(I also happen to live right around the corner from the Long Center, so it’s a featured part of my daily life.)

Something I’ve missed greatly this summer is gathering on the Long Center lawn with hundreds of my fellow community members to watch the Austin Symphony play on Sunday evenings. The gorgeous view of both the glittering skyline and the kids doing their best interpretive dancing to the music really captures what I love so much about this city. Thanks, Long Center, for being such an important part of community life!

Nice to have a window in my home office!

At the beginning of our long pandemic shutdown, CapMetro created this amazing tribute to our wonderful city. I still love it!

Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes, but this year, I’ve been reading more than ever. One of my favorite recent reads is the Beekeeper of Aleppo, a story of the plight of Syrian refugees. It is a painful but beautifully written story about what it means to lose everything.

My dining table has become my home office. Our cat Jude keeps me company under the table. 🙂

I think the film 13th should be required viewing for all Americans. It’s an insightful look at the oppression the Black community in America has continued to live with since the abolition of slavery. Astounding.

Austin’s own Adriene Mishler’s series of online yoga classes has saved my sanity and my flexibility during the pandemic. Love her!

KUT has helped me understand and sort through the overwhelming amount of news stories coming at us in 2020. We’re so lucky to have this trusted source of information in our community!

I’ve never been into gardening (have always had a “black thumb”). But staying home has inspired me to start a balcony garden. This is my little fig tree!

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