Mid-Week Intermission Friend Edition: Dr. Dave Kaylor of Baylor Scott & White


This week’s Intermission comes to us from our friends at Baylor Scott & White Health. Dr. Dave Kaylor is not only a frontline medical worker here in Austin, but also knows the area’s trails and green spots like the back of his hand. Learn all about his work at Baylor Scott & White, how he decompresses when he’s not at work, and what you can do to help our community.


I’m Dr. Dave Kaylor, medical director for the emergency department at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Austin. My role directly impacts those who come through our doors seeking emergency care. When I am not providing care to patients in our emergency department, I spend time behind the scenes making improvements to our department’s processes and how we can better deliver care to our patients and their families. We are working to make the experience even better, just like the events you may have experienced here at the Long Center.

Baylor Scott & White Health is proud to be part of the communities it serves and that includes involvement with one of the things Austin is best known for — its entertainment culture. The Long Center, Austin’s Front Row, is one of those places that brings entertainment and joy to so many, including my family. Having served eight years in the Army, we saw numerous cultural locations around the country. Places like the Long Center are a big reason for us to settle in Austin, a place culturally alive and dynamic.

Like many communities in Texas and across the country, our beloved home has been affected by the pandemic, leaving a lasting effect on our physical and mental health. As a physician during this historic time, this has been an eye-opening experience. We’re continuously adapting to the changing environment each day, teaching ourselves about this new disease while overcoming diagnostic and treatment uncertainties, all in real time.

While the virus has had a tremendous impact on millions of people across the country, it’s also changing how we live our daily lives. Whether it’s how we interact with one another, how we shop for necessities like groceries or even seeing a favorite performance, we have to adapt.

I care for patients each day and, as a doctor, it’s what I do best. However, even I need to take a step back and recharge so I can be present for my patients mentally and physically. In our family, venturing outdoors is a part of our identity.

We enjoy exploring the numerous trails that our city offers, like Williamson Creek West Greenbelt. There’s no distance that is too much for us. We’ll trek for hours, which is why we’re grateful for so many nearby locations like McKinney FallsInks Lake or even Pedernales State Park. Getting a little rest isn’t reserved for the great outdoors. Sometimes you’ll find me wearing my headphones, listening to endless wandering melodies of jam bands and live concert recordings. The creativity allows me a simple but short escape from my mental wanderings during these times. I find the ability to quiet my thoughts, allowing me to renew my energy and recommit my focus.

These are unprecedented times. As Texans and as a community, we are stronger, and we are all in this together. We can fight back against the virus and it begins with you:

  • Social distance — by keeping the number of your new contacts low while keeping a larger physical distance between yourself and others — to lower the chance of transmission.
  • You should also wear a mask when you’re outside your home or in public spaces. A mask protects you and everyone around you.
  • Finally, wash your hands several times a day. All it takes is 20 seconds of handwashing to reduce the chance of infecting yourself or someone you love.

We are stronger and smarter when we are working toward a common goal. These small personal lifestyle choices will have a much larger impact on the health of our community and bring us one day closer to enjoying the Long Center once again.

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