Mid-Week Intermission Artist Edition: Photo Story with Brynn Osborn, Photographer

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, a camera’s gotta be the window to the arts… right? Enter: Brynn Osborn, LC fave and freelance photographer extraordinaire. In this Mid-Week Intermission, get to know Brynn, flip through some of their favorite shots, catch a glimpse of the Long Center through their lens (hehe) 📸


My name is Brynn and I’m a freelance photographer with a primary focus on live music and events.

I grew up in Corpus documenting life and people around me but I started taking it more seriously when I earned my BFA in photography from Texas State. I moved to Austin five years ago and my career has transformed into something I’m truly proud of, especially the way this community has embraced me. I feel really fortunate to work with local musicians and places like the Long Center to capture the essence of some incredibly fun events.


This lawn has always been my ideal spot to see the city, especially when it’s Drop-In season and all of the cutest pups in town come by. This event is my favorite to shoot because it brings together happy people, summertime, and free live music– all at the prettiest time of the day.


Wild Child warms up in a dressing room, photo by Brynn Osborn

In 2021, Kelsey Wilson and I met and she invited me to the studio to document what would become Wild Child’s latest record. A few days later they played The Drop-In and it was my first time attending and shooting here. This was also one of the first times I ever shot directly for a band and I remember sitting in this dressing room trying to play it cool with my new friends (but on the inside was a bundle of nerves).


A family poses for Community Day

Community Day was a blast! I’m impressed with how many events and activations they managed to coordinate throughout the day. The more time I spend here the more I understand why families value having this space to come and experience art together.


Adrian Quesada performs at the Long Center for their 15th anniversary celebration

I had a great time celebrating the Long Center’s 15th birthday with this Adrian Quesada show recently. I’m surprised it took me this long to see him perform, but Dell Hall was a perfect place for it because the crowds are such great listeners in this room.


Zac Catanzaro of the Song Confessional Team models how to use the booth

I’m a listener and friend of the Song Confessional podcast, so I was thrilled to learn that this booth was being installed in the lobby. Anyone can leave an anonymous voice message or “confession” that could be handed off to a musician to write an entire song about! The confession, song, and interview with the artist all wrap up into podcast episodes and are very entertaining, as you can imagine.


Urban Heat performs to a hyped up crowd on the 3d-printed pavilion stage.

This Urban Heat show on the world’s first 3D-printed stage was truly something else. I already knew the new stage would be beautiful to photograph, but pairing that with an electric performance and a fantastic crowd made for some exciting shots.


Brynn Osborn poses for a self portrait

I love calling Austin home and I’m thankful to the folks at the Long Center for continuing to support local photographers like me. When I’m not traveling with artists I’m running around town covering live shows, events, and whatever else excites me. As this Mid-Week Intermission goes out I will actually be on tour across the country with a local Austinite you may have heard of… Shakey Graves. If you’d like to see more of my work (or get in touch!) you can follow along on Instagram or my website.


At the Long Center, we’ve always got a new partnership or something cool we know you’ll want to check out! Find and follow us @longcenter on your social media platform of choice, and we’ll see you real soon.

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