Mid-Week Intermission Artist Edition: David Garza

If you’ve been following our social media over the last two weeks, it’s no secret that we are super excited about The Drop-In returning for a second summer with this Austin-centric lineup. While we can’t tell you what day he’s playing The Drop-In yet (keep on eye on @longcenter for that info!), we managed to catch up with David Garza — musician, producer, genre jumper — from his El Paso studio. This UT alum is no stranger to the Austin scene, and we’re fairly certain this is a performance you’re not gonna want to miss.

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David Garza plays guitar in his studio, washed in orange light

Long Center: First off, we just have to ask you about Twang Twang Schock-A-Boom and your UT connection. Do you ever miss your busking days? Going from playing on campus for tips to sell-outs at Liberty Lunch seems like a true Austin story that is harder to come across nowadays.

David: Austin in the fall of 1989 was a fairytale. Students smoked cigarettes in the Cactus Cafe at lunch time while debating current events & films. Fresh-faced young souls shared poetry & UT Union burritos on the steps by the Drag. Politics & philosophy & culture & romance were all equally flowing in every corner of the West Mall.

Twang Twang Shock-A-Boom fell into this magic place at the perfect time. Busking for hundreds of our teenage peers with no PA system & no permission was an experience I will never forget. To now know that Janis Joplin & Roky Erickson & Townes Van Zandt & Lucinda Williams were among the legends who had also prowled the Cactus Cafe through the decades was not on our minds as young punks. We just wanted to make our own history.

Long Center: Well, we’re super pumped to bring The Drop-In back for another season this summer (and for your performance!). What’s your experience been like as Austin and the world have opened back up for live music?

David: Since the pandemic, I have only played one gig of my own music. It was at The Kessler Theatre in Dallas, TX, and was a true healing party. Humans need the oxygen of live music in their consciousness. As concerts have opened up, I feel an immense joy in the shared experience of this ancient communal dialogue. The artist learns from the audience & the audience shares in the artists’ groove.

Long Center: Your list of past collaborators is such a good read. Any highlights or special moments that stand out to you most?

David: Producing albums for other artists has been such a revelation! The biggest highlight of the last few years was winning the Grammy for my producing role in the Fiona AppleFetch The Boltcutters” album last year. I collaborate with so many great talents on songs and also compose music for films. Scoring the HBO Documentary on Beto O’Roarke (“Running With Beo”) was also a huge thrill. But I gotta say it is kinda cool to have a Grammy on top of my piano. 😊

David Garza looks out pensively on a lake at sunset

Long Center: This season we’ve been encouraging our readers to get back out there and give into their curiosity to discover new artists, hobbies, art, or cool things in the neighborhood.

What have you been curious about? What will you explore next — in your music, in your own backyard, anything?

David: Two passions of mine I have really embraced lately are painting and very amateur sewing!

Both good for the soul but sometimes tough on the eyes.

Long Center: Any new projects or albums in the works that you can share with us?

David: Album projects I’m excited about are compiling & mastering unreleased albums from my own catalog in El Paso and scoring a few documentary films in LA while producing artists as diverse as Ozomatli, Chris Perez, Hanson, Fastball, Lisa Morales, Esteromance, Lucy Woodward & Suzanne Choffel.

Long Center: Could you give us a little tease about what you’ll be playing at your Drop-In performance?

David: For the upcoming Long Center event, I could not be more excited to share songs of mine that go back to those old Austin ’90s days. Crazy to think I sing songs I wrote that go back over 30 years… I have a batch of new songs to share as well, but the old songs are what bring the smiles that make my heart sing.

TDI 22


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