Hi, Austin – It’s Nice to See You Again

Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!

Yep, it’s the Long Center — that futuristic-looking building on the riverbank that always has something going on. We know it’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen each other, and though we’ve let our hair grow out and gotten new glasses while we’ve been apart, we know there’s still a connection here.

After all, you’ve definitely brought your kids to our front lawn for an all-day, bubble-bursting, live-music experience, or staged your own outdoor disco long after the rest of the city’s gone to bed.

You definitely know that big open space with the columns because that’s where you go to roller skate with your roommates instead of studying. Or, perhaps our window wall and multi-colored tiles are currently in the background of a framed photo or two, or even making a guest appearance on your feed.

You’re probably familiar with sitting alongside thousands of fellow Austinites, blanket in tow, looking up to spot your first firework on the Fourth. You even came back the next day for a picnic to make the holiday weekend last a little longer.

You know the excitement of getting that yearly, larger-than-life candy cane photo op because ’tis the season. You’ve even lent us your free time to help countless newcomers find their perfect seat (Center Mezz gets our vote), or put in a full day and night of back-breaking work to make sure the show goes on as planned.

You’ve stood in line for hours to get your book signed by your fave photographer who never goes on tour, or to exchange a few words and a joke with a cult movie star. This is also where you probably got a glimpse of President Obama, or you were super pleased to see your number-one skyline view cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

This is also where your best friends surprised you with an outdoor movie for your 30th birthday, or had a first date that didn’t go as bad as you thought it might. It’s probably where you had your first taste of trailer food while waving to find your friend in the crowd before the headlining band started.

Some of you will never forget seeing Elvis twirl and jive live in concert back when we were the Palmer Auditorium, or how great it felt to walk across the stage at your high school graduation. Now, you can’t believe your ears as the sold-out crowd goes wild as your aspiring young artist takes the stage for the first — but certainly not the last — time.

You created us, Austin, and we can’t wait to give back. ????


crowd gathered in front of Palmer Auditorium | Long Center
circa 1998 from the Long Center archives
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