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Pollyanna Theatre Company kicks off new season with the Holmesian ‘Mystery of the Green Teeth Ghost’

Posted on September 28, 2018 by LONG CENTER STAFF

Now that school’s back in session and it’s (maybe) fall, Pollyanna Theatre Company is dishing out a whole new season of theatre for young audiences. First up is THE MYSTERY OF THE GREEN TEETH GHOST in Rollins Studio Theatre September 28 – October 7. We caught of up with Director Judy Matetzschk-Campbell to get some clever insight!

I have wonderful memories from my early childhood of watching classic black and white mystery movies with my Mom. I loved the delicious suspiciousness of many of the characters. I found the super-smart detective character fascinating and always laughed at the detective’s less-informed sidekick. What I didn’t know then but understand now is that what I was watching was a formula for entertaining mystery stories that has become a tradition in story construction patterned after the classic detective Sherlock Holmes.

The Mystery of the Green Teeth Ghost | The Long Center for the Performing ArtsPlaywright Holly Hepp-Galvan has become a favorite of many of our patrons. Holly has written many plays specifically for our company. We love bring her characters and their conflicts to life for Austin’s children. So when I started talking to Holly about our next script and she suggested we develop a classic mystery for children, I jumped at the chance to commission THE MYSTERY OF THE GREEN TEETH GHOST. We asked ourselves, what kind of young detective would children today expect, and what tools would she use to help her solve the mystery? And how would be her sidekick?

The result is Cindy Sharpe, our young Holmes-like character and her sidekick, a pet hippo named Bacon. Cindy is brave and smart and uses her great mastery of math skills to help unmask the citizen of Eerie Cove who is causing all the problems. Eerie Cove was once a wealthy little community that boasted one of the nation’s largest mansions and the world’s largest swimming pool. But when a strange ghost with gross green teeth appears, everyone is afraid to do business in Eerie Cove. As a result, the town is falling apart! There are only 12 books left in the library and the town’s traffic light only shines green. The people of Eerie Cove are understandably hopeless. But that was before Cindy Sharpe came to town. In no time at all Cindy and Bacon are on the trail of the mystery.

The Mystery of the Green Teeth Ghost | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

This play is a very fun opportunity for our company to expose a new generation of young children to this classic story form. It is also a great way to demonstrate how a brave little girl applies her math skills to solve problems. We hope that the result is a theatre full of laughing children and a new generation of mystery lovers. Come join the adventure!

—Judy Matetzschk-Campbell, PhD, Pollyanna’s Founding Artistic Director

Catch THE MYSTERY OF THE GREEN TEETH GHOST by Holly Hepp-Galvan, September 28 – October 7 in our Rollins Studio Theatre. Directed by Judy Matetzschk-Campbell, PhD, the production features Set Design by Zac Thomas, Costume Design by Colleen McCool Pierce, Sound Design by Andrew Perry, and Lighting Design by Natalie George Productions.ED ON SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 BY LONG CENTER STAFF