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Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Ephraim Owens

Posted on December 15, 2020 by Long

Gracing Mid-Week Intermission with his smooth presence this week is Ephraim Owens, trumpet player, band leader, and our next guest on Good Vibes Only TONIGHT. See what joys he’s found during his time at home, and be sure to tune in to the show tonight (it’s free!) for some mid-week relaxation.

Hi, Austin. I am first and foremost a trumpet player who also composes, plus I’m the band leader of “The Ephraim Owens Quartet.” I also arrange music and perform as a sideman. In ’97 I had the honor of being the proclamation holder of the City of Austin, and I’m a member of the Austin Hall of Fame and AMA Winner numerous years for best horn as well as best band. In my spare time I also proudly volunteer for the Austin Jazz Society and HAAM.

Ephraim Owens, trumpet | Long Center

Quarantine Tunes

Sean Giddings (keys) and I had a beautiful opportunity to perform on Visit Austin’s “The Best Seat in the House” in the Rollins Theatre at the Long Center, and also Good Vibes Only, which was one of the pimpest small small stagings I have ever encountered. I am sure I can say the same for Sean!

On both occasions, from the Rootah to the Tootah, all those that worked the venue were by far “The Best” — super kind, patient, welcoming, and very Covid aware! It was such an honor to be asked to be a part of such a warm and much-needed musical situation! I look forward to doing it again, if we’re so lucky.

Passing the Time

plants on keyboard


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed passing the time during the Covid quarantine by keeping my many plants — growing them from tiny creations to not-so-tiny healthy and thriving beauties by making sure they have proper doses of water, sunlight, and music, live from my horn or music stations.


I have been asked if cooking is another calling, but I simply love food. In effort to cut back on eating take-out, I have started cooking a little more. I enjoy experimenting with different combinations of flavors.

cooking prep


While cleaning, to my surprise I happened upon some music I started writing decades ago and felt inspired to complete while sitting around.


With so much time on my hands, I have started reading more. I have several different self-improvement books shared with me by friends and family that I’ve been reading all at the same time.

See you tonight for Good Vibes Only — catch more from our next Good Vibes artists next year!