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Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Emilie from Ley Line

Posted on January 25, 2021 by Long

This week’s Mid-Week Intermission comes from Emilie Basez of Ley Line, tonight’s featured band on Good Vibes Only (catch their set streaming free at 8pm, sharp). Emilie chats with us about completing the group’s second album, We Saw Blue, during quarantine downtime, tackling those big projects, and having a little fun with Patreon.

Hey folks,

This is Emilie from Ley Line. As a native Austinite, I’m still trying to understand this city without live music. As you can imagine, the opportunity for musicians to perform amplified on a stage were few and far between in 2020. We had the immense pleasure of filming our final performance of the year at the Long Center in December. The staff was incredibly warm and we could feel our excitement and gratitude was equally felt on their end. Surprisingly, we were able to accomplish a few dreams we wrote in 2019, which included playing on some legendary stages like the Long Center. It was a roller coaster year of mourning a career and life we had once known and also pausing to regroup, grow trust with one another, and finish some big projects in need of some extra TLC.

Ley Line | Mid-Week Intermission | Long Center
We had never loved meeting at the park SO much. April 2020

The year turned into one filled with gardens and farms, zoom check ins, meetings at the park, open doors and windows, and animal friends for all of us in Ley Line. It was a year in which, amidst episodes of panic, we continued to return to each other in the face of the unknown, not only as a sisterhood, but also as a band and small business focused on the power of music to heal ourselves and the world.

Amidst the chaos, we buckled down to complete our sophomore album, We Saw Blue (nominated for Best Album of 2020 in The Chronicle), and finish editing a 15-minute short film that shows the inspiration behind the album during our three-month tour in 2017 through Brasil.

We dedicated a significant amount of time to building up our Patreon page to create a different avenue for fans to get exclusive content, get to know us more personally, and learn about our music. We even crafted seven podcast episodes! Patreon is probably the best way to truly support your favorite artists these days.

Amongst all the challenges of 2020, the lessons felt powerful and ongoing. Stay present with the waves and try not to resist. Sit with discomfort. Believe in the resilience of the band. Share love with everyone. Keep on making art and music.

Mid-Week Intermission | Ley Line | Long Center
Here’s a photo taken from outside of my apartment during our livestream for Pines and Prairies Land Trust, featuring my cat Molly in the audience.

You can find our merch, music, pre-order a vinyl, and more on our website. Follow Ley Line on Instagram @leylinesound and on Facebook. You can also find two volumes of No More Silence, a compilation album we put together in May with all proceeds going to Austin Justice Coalition.

We can’t wait to see you again, Austin. Until then, dance around your house!

Catch more from Emilie and the rest of Ley Line on tonight’s Good Vibes Only, Powered by AT&T with additional support for this episode by Baylor Scott & White Health. Sit back and enjoy — be sure to RSVP so you don’t miss the show!