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Crazy Rich Asians author hits Austin in November to talk representation, cultural impact & global phenomenon

Posted on September 25, 2018 by LONG CENTER STAFF

Don’t get distracted by that paisley jacket—Kevin Kwan, international bestselling author of Crazy Rich Asians, is at the Long Center this November. Time to call mom!

If you haven’t heard about Crazy Rich Asians by now—or don’t even know why people keep saying those words together—then you need to climb out from under that rock because KEVIN KWAN, the author who started the craze, is coming to the Long Center November 17th at 8pm. Tickets are on sale THIS FRIDAY at 10am, and you’ll want to be in the room for this discussion.

It’s no secret the Kwan’s breakout debut novel has become something of a cultural phenomenon, topping bestseller lists worldwide, spawning two bestselling sequels and inspiring a #1 movie. Oh, AND that #1 movie has already been greenlit for a sequel. Maybe already two. Talk about a watershed moment for Asian-American cinema. Just in case you don’t also have the completed trilogy on your shelf and didn’t realize there were sequels, check out China Rich Girlfriend & Rich People Problems to get the full picture of the Young family trials, tribulations, and excess.

For the evening of November 17th, get a seat to hear Kwan share his thoughts on the cultural impact of his novels (he’s surprised, too!) and the greater entertainment industry. “The more we demystify a culture and people,” he says, “the more we relate to each other,” and we totally agree. You can expect a discussion of the wide spectrum and multiple facets of Asians around the world, plus the need for proper representation in society and the tremendous wealth disparity rarely talked about.

If you’re a super fan (or your mom is), you may want to go ahead and snag a MEET & GREET ticket to the show. This’ll get you a great seat, but also the chance to shake Kwan’s hand, pick his brain with a question or two, AND get your prized CRA book signed! (Be sure to bring that with you—this part’s kind of crucial.)

We hope to see you for A Conversation with Kevin Kwan, November 17th, be it in your best CRA glitz & glam or your bookish self!