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Four Reasons to Cozy up at Home with the Long Center this Holiday

To gather safely or not to gather at all? We know this is the question on everyone's minds this year. Lucky for you, we've got four reasons to get comfy at home with your household (we mean pets, too) -- eggnog, hot chocolate, and chestnuts in hand -- for some entertainment this holiday.

Austin Film Festival | Long Center

Why You Should Tune In to the 2020 Virtual Austin Film Festival from your Living Room

When Austin Film Festival started planning their 2020 Fest & Writers Conference, intending this year to be bigger and better than ever, they had no idea that meant making their 27th Annual Fest completely virtual. But, as the first time AFF has ever focused exclusively on digital platforms, they're taking this opportunity by the horns.

Long Center Board Officers

Meet the New Officers of the Long Center's Board of Trustees

We're so pleased to announce the community leaders joining our Board of Trustees for the 2020-21 year! We want to welcome our new Board Officers, all long-serving and vital members of our Long Center Board over the years, and share our excitement for the future.

outdoor theater rehearsal | Long Center

Young Shakespeare Returns with Zilker Broadcast Special '2 Gents'

Don't worry... your summer may have been different but Austin Shakespeare is here to make sure you get your regular dose of The Bard! This month, the classical theater group's teen company -- Young Shakespeare, that is -- brings you 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona,' streamed from Zilker Hillside Theatre to your screens Wednesday, October 7 at 7:00pm.

H-E-B team butter half | Long Center

Mid-Week Intermission Friend Edition: David Spencer from H-E-B

This week's Mid-Week Intermission comes from Long Center partner and friend David Spencer, Hancock Center H-E-B's Center Store Leader. With H-E-B's excellent history in community work, we wanted to hear from David about their partnership with United Way and how his life looks a little different now. Stick with us for some playlist recos, too!

dancers on screen | Long Center

Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre Reimagines Contemporary Dance for the Virtual Stage

It's no secret that the way Austin creates arts has changed drastically in the last six months, and at the Long Center we've been fascinated by the ways creativity is booming and blooming (plus, how we can help). Our next Long Center Create Virtual Event with Andrea Ariel Dance Theatre is a perfect example of this, streaming live September 12!

lawn with crowd | Long Center

Hi, Austin – It's Nice to See You Again

Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes! We know it's been a hot minute since we've seen each other, and though we've let our hair grow out and gotten new glasses while we've been apart, we know there's still a connection here.