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Mid-Week Intermission Friend Edition: Ray Loyd of Austin Asian American Film Festival

We always love featuring our friends at Austin Asian American Film Festival, but this month we had a special excuse... Dive into Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Ray Loyd, AAAFF Aritstic Director, as he shares in this Mid-Week Intermission what the 13th annual fest is up to, other local fests you'll want to check out, and his list of AAPI film recommendations you're gonna want to marathon.

Mid-Week Intermission | Scott Strickland | Long Center

Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Scott Strickland

2020 was a busy year for Scott Strickland, as we learned in this Mid-Week Intermission feature ahead of his Good Vibes Only performance, airing tonight at 8pm. Read all about how he reconfigured a record, got into community activism, and went through some big life changes.

Woman with long dark hair smiling at a piano with a microphone

Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Jessica Pyrdsa of Datura

Datura's rotating backing band is explained in this week's Mid-Week Intermission from Jessica Pyrdsa. See what Jessica's been up to during the past year while unable to perform, plus meet the three musicians making Datura complete on tonight's Good Vibes Only. It's always a new sound to look forward to!

Mid-Week Intermission | Sweet Spirit

Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Sweet Spirit

Sweet Spirit is our special guest on tonight's episode of Good Vibes Only -- and we're pretty sure this is a performance for the books! Check in with each band member's comings and goings during the pandemic in this Mid-Week intermission feature, narrated by Sabrina Ellis, and enjoy the ride.

Mid-Week Intermission | Andy of Montopolis | Long Center

Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Andy from Montopolis

This week's Mid-Week Intermission comes from Andy Beaudoin, drummer for Montopolis (also tonight's Austin artist featured on Good Vibes Only). Between teaching classes online and helping his nieces navigate online school, Andy hasn't let Covid slow him down.

Mid-Week Intermission Good Vibes Edition: Laura from Sun June

This week's Mid-Week Intermission comes to us from Laura Colwell of Sun June, tonight's featured band on Good Vibes Only. Read on to see how the band made the best of 2020, the latest on their new album 'Somewhere,' and her special connection to the Long Center (she might even have served you a drink at a show!).