The Dance Project

Shine On

May 6 – May 9, 2021 | Rollins Theatre


About the show

Presented by The Dance Project

In a new show that encompasses all forms of dance, Shine On features performances from local professional choreographers and dancers.

Please join us in welcoming new works from Emily TorgersonCheryl CopelandDr. Diana Wang Latisha CoffeyMorgan MaynardMichelle Barfield, Shell Bauman, Maddie Dalgleish, Haley Sung, Yasmin Kayce, and Hailyn Garcia.

The Dance Project is a collaborative non-profit professional dance performance company in Austin, Texas. They offer local artists and choreographers a venue for expressing their love of dance and sharing their unique vision. TDP hosts 24 resident artists and 12 choreographers plus new artists auditioning and performing year-round. Dr. Diana Wang and Latisha Coffey launched TDP in 2013 to facilitate freedom of expression and movement in dance for all choreographers and dancers. They encourage an environment of creativity, inspiration, and sparkle. The Dance Project welcomes you to attend any of the three yearly performances they produce in the Austin area.