Long Center Presents


July 24 – July 26, 2020


About the show


Get ready for an incredible mind reading experience that will leave you amazed, astonished and thoroughly entertained when this interactive Zoom experience remotely controls your actions and predicts your thoughts LIVE through the screen through the powers of hypnosis and mentalism.

Not just a show, Remote Control: A Mind Reading Experiment is a hands-on experience. The intrigue kicks off before the show even begins when you receive a TOP secret package in the mail. It must remain sealed until the show begins. Be warned: when you open it, you will be helping to unleash the real-life Jedi-mind tricks of today’s leading mentalist, Max Major: and you’ll soon discover that yes, your mind is really being controlled remotely!

The host leading this experience is Max Major who has appeared on the TODAY show and America’s Got Talent, as well as dozens of viral videos that have stunned millions across the internet. An expert in body language, influence, and reading people, Max Major has been called before two Department of Defense Intelligence Agencies to demonstrate his innovative techniques, earning him the reputation as “the human lie detector” along the way.

Remote Control is incredible and unforgettable family-friendly fun for all to enjoy. Get your tickets today before they sell out. Capacity is limited to only 40 passes per performance (enjoy alone or share the fun with the whole family – each ticket allows viewing on one device).

Don’t miss a truly unique and entertaining evening that will blow your mind! #RemoteControlShow

1. Download Zoom in advance of the event. Heck, might as well download it now: zoom.us
2. Join us when the “doors” to the waiting room open 15 minutes before the event’s start time. We’ll get you all checked in for the event at this time.
3. You will be allowed entry once the performance is ready to begin. Your video will be live, but your microphone will be muted to begin. You may be unmuted at times throughout the show to engage with Max
4. Enjoy the show!