Long Center Monsoon Dance

Monsoon Dance: Rain Rhythms & Dance Toofan

May 19, 2019 | Rollins Theatre


About the show

Monsoon Dance presents Rain Rhythms & Dance Toofan, May 19 in Rollins Studio Theatre.

Rain Rhythms is a Monsoon Dance student and instructor showcase in which the audience will witness incredible dances on lively Bollywood music in dazzling costumes with energetic moves. A story from the east will unfold through these dances and give the audience a unique and an alluring experience of cultures from India.

  • Show starts at 1:00pm, tickets start at $25.75
  • Lap seating for children 3 and under is free.

Dance Toofan will blow the audience away like a Monsoon Typhoon (Toofan) with brilliant Bollywood choreography fused with dance styles around the world. Graceful expressions, meaningful gestures, stunning outfits, astonishing steps presented by dance groups in Austin trained by Monsoon Dance will touch each and every soul in the audience.

  • Show starts at 5:00pm, tickets start at $36.50
  • Lap seating for children 3 and under is free.


We, Monsoon Dance, were established in Dec 2012 with the mission of bringing happiness and fitness to all our students through instruction of Bollywood dance! Over the years, we have been fortunate to work with hundreds of students to see them grow into stronger, confident individuals. We especially love working with our kids whose curiosity, desire to learn and perform on stage never stops to amaze us.

We are proud to have our own studio in Austin which is the first ever studio teaching Bollywood & Yoga. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment to learn dance and practice yoga for children and adults. We are able to use unique dance props from India like decorative sticks, colorful scarfs in our classes to make them more exciting for adults and kids. With our own studio, we are able to offer multiple class options and flexible enrollment packages to make it economical for individuals and families alike. We also teach at our satellite locations in Circle C & South Austin.

Questions? Call the 3M Box Office at (512) 474-LONG (5664), TTY (800) 735-2989.