The Long Center ring.

From its inception, the Long Center has sought to showcase unique artistry in a way that’s completely Austin.

The Long Center’s thoughtful application of sustainability and green-building principles—an area in which Austin is an acknowledged global leader—is one way of meeting that goal. The Long Center’s commitment to sustainability began with the concept of a de-construction project—an adaptive re-use of the site, structure and materials of the existing Palmer Auditorium when building the Long Center. During construction, the Long Center recycled 95% of the 44 million pounds of construction material from the old Palmer Auditorium and reinvented the building using 65% of the original materials.

About the Long Center

Recycled Construction Materials

The most popular example of our commitment to recycling is the green panels on the exterior of Dell Hall as well as inside the elevators, repurposed from the hail-damaged Palmer roof. The popular Butler Park hill and fountain is filled with the dirt excavated for Dell Hall. The keystone compression ring of the Palmer Dome now illuminates the front lawn. Glass from Palmer was used to craft the panels that acknowledge the Long Center’s Founder’s Society, the major donors whose generosity brought the project to life. Palmer Auditorium’s old roof support structure is now the “ring” that gives the Long Center it’s unique and iconic look.

Current Sustainability Practices

Lawns and plant beds are irrigated using non-potable water from Lady Bird Lake, and a single stream recycling program is in place for both patron and staff use. We are the only live entertainment venue in Austin with a LEED Certified Advisor on staff to analyze ongoing energy efficiency. All light bulbs have been replaced with LED energy-efficient bulbs, saving over 226,000 kilowatt hours of energy—the EPA equivalent of planting 66 acres of trees or removing 32 cars from the roadways annually.