Staff & Trustees

Staff & Trustees

The staff of the Long Center is made up of unique individuals from all over, each bringing a diverse perspective and sincere commitment to the Long Center’s mission of being the world class performance venue that Austin deserves.

It is important to every member of our team to stay in touch with the community. Please contact us at any time with questions, concerns, or thoughts.


Cory Baker Long Center

Cory Baker
President & CEO
(512) 457-5113

Raquel Garcia Long Center

Raquel Garcia
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
(512) 457-5105

Anne Pogson Long Center

Anne Pogson
Executive Assistant to the CEO
(512) 457-5113


Peggie Gaskamp Long Center

Peggie Gaskamp
Director of Development
(512) 457-5117

Brendan Bujold Long Center

Brendan Bujold
Director of Individual Giving
(512) 457-5168

Katy Barber Long Center

Katy Barber
Philanthropy Services Specialist
(512) 457-5159

Education & Outreach

Ginger Morris Long Center

Ginger Morris
Director of Education & Outreach
(512) 457-5159

Long Center Staff

Ronan Melomo
Education & Outreach Coordinator
(512) 457-5116

Human Resources

Alan Kelley Human Resources

Alan Kelley
Director of People & Culture
(512) 457-5118

Marketing & Sales

Catriona Long Long Center

Catriona Long
Digital Marketing Manager
(512) 457-5119

Stephen Sosa Long Center

Stephen Sosa
Graphic Designer - Creative Services
(512) 457-5183

LC Henry Reed

Henry Reed
Marketing Media Planner
(512) 457-5120

Christopher Boone Long Center

Christpher Boone
Director of Ticketing Services
(512) 457-5162

Daniel Cooper Long Center

Daniel Cooper
Assistant Box Office Manager
(512) 457-5172

Leslie Davis Long Center

Leslie Davis
Show Shift Manager
(512) 457-5100

Long Center Staff

Elizabeth Vaughn
Director of Event Sales
(512) 457-5183


Tiffany Neece Long Center

Tiffany Neece
Director of Programming & Business Affairs
(512) 457-5160

Rachel Watkins Long Center

Rachel Watkins
Assistant Director of Programming
(512) 457-5155

Long Center Staff

Robert Carfer
Booking Assistant
(512) 457-5150


Jim Larkin Long Center

Jim Larkin
Director of Production
(512) 457-5130

Blake Addyson Long Center

Blake Addyson
Production Supervisor
(512) 457-5128

Ken Huncovsky Long Center

Ken Huncovsky
Production Supervisor
(512) 457-5135

Michelle Lehman Long Center

Michelle Lehman
Production Supervisor
(512) 457-5133

Frank Cortez Long Center

Frank Cortez
House Head Carpenter/Rigger
(512) 457-5136

Derek Menningen Long Center

Derek Menningen
House Head Audio/Video
(512) 457-5176

Todd Drga Long Center

Todd Drga
House Head Electrician
(512) 457-5134

Natalie Alemán Long Center

Natalie Alemán
Production Services Manager
(512) 457-5132


Jay Gossett Long Center

Jay Gossett
Director of Operations
(512) 457-5189

Omar Heras Long Center

Omar Heras
Operations Coordinator
(512) 457-5193

José Delgado Long Center

José Delgado
Director of Building Services
(512) 457-5192

Orlando Martinez Long Center

Orlando Martinez
Building Engineer
(512) 457-5145

Pablo Granado Long Center

Pablo Granado
Building Engineer 2
(512) 457-5193

Long Center Staff

Patrick Ponce
Building Engineer 2
(512) 457-5193

Madison Cottingham Long Center

Madison Cottingham
Director of Event Experience
(512) 457-5181

Long Center Staff

Sarah Spivey
Guest Services Manager
(512) 457-5170

Janet Q Holt Long Center

Janet Q Holt
Guest Services Assistant Manager
(512) 457-5171

Nathaniel Day Long Center

Nathaniel Day
Accounting Manager
(512) 457-5104

Liz Mejia Long Center

Liz Mejia
Accounting Associate
(512) 457-5125

Sylvia Lopez Long Center

Sylvia Lopez
Housekeeping Manager
(512) 457-5194

Marie Flores Long Center

Marie Flores
Housekeeping Lead
(512) 457-5194

Long Center Staff

Arnold Aguilar
(512) 457-5171

Eva Elizade Long Center

Eva Elizade
(512) 457-5171

Long Center Staff

Angelica Gutierrez
(512) 457-5171

All stage employees of the Long Center for the Performing Arts are represented by IATSE Local #205.