Dell Hall

Brilliance meets excellence when you step into the Michael & Susan Dell Hall and experience the Long Center’s world-class acoustics.

The spine-tingling sound radiates through the audience from the first note to create a magical aural experience for all attendees. The Long Center’s commitment to acoustics places Dell Hall among a prestigious group of performing arts centers across the United States.

Best Acoustics in Town

Professional Acoustic Design

Every decision that went into the design and construction of the Long Center was driven by acoustics. Our professional design team, along with acoustician Mark Holden of Jaffe Holden and Associates, collaborated with a wide array of arts groups in Austin to ensure the center’s acoustics do justice to the excellence on stage. The solutions devised and implemented by Holden and the design team include strategies that are innovative yet unobtrusive.

Technical Perfection

Technical elements such as concrete shielding for the roof, acoustic banners along the walls and a custom-crafted orchestra shell protect the audience chamber from external and ambient noises like coughing, candy wrappers, traffic and thunder. Tiered seating provides a reflective surface for sounds, allowing it to travel further. The Long Center went a step further by channeling the air conditioning through acoustically transparent floor vents to eliminate acoustic dead zones found in many large halls.

Audience & Performer Reactions

Performers appreciate the perfection of sound and are known to change their set lists for the Long Center due to the high-quality acoustics.

“With the hall set for maximum reverberation, the sound for the Opera was glorious!” —Scott Cantrell, Classical Music Critic, Dallas Morning News.

“Congratulations on designing a space for us where the music and the orchestra can shine!” —Peter Bay, Music Director and Conductor, Austin Symphony