Spotlight on Willy Whipsnade: Circus 1903’s Wily Ringmaster Extraordinaire

Step right up and get your tickets ready—Circus 1903 is just two weeks away! This turn-of-the-century circus spectacular harkens back to the golden age of circus. With jugglers, tightropers, and larger-than-life puppet elephants, we’re taking some time to focus on a few of the talented individuals involved in making Circus 1903 such a death-defying, breathtaking experience. And that includes the one and only Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade!

Circus 1903 - The Golden Age of Circus | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

The greatest laugh-maker ever seen, Ringmaster Willy conjures a cyclone of ludicrous, laughable and humorous incidents on stage. No journey into the Golden Age of Circus would be complete without the Ringmaster, enlivened by mirth-provoking comedy and magical surprises.

But what does the Ringmaster do? Every circus has a Ringmaster, ready to introduce each each act and engage with members of the audience through magical routines and gut-busting jokes. The ‘voice’ of Circus 1903 and ultimate master of ceremonies, the Ringmaster’s commanding presence and panache whip the audience into a frenzy whilst introducing each act with a dramatic, spell-binding flair.

And wait! Ringmaster Willy stopped by the Long Center last weekend to see what Austin was all about (he approves, by the way). Aside from Peanut (Circus 1903’s young elephant puppet with a will of his own) running amok, Ringmaster Willy had a successful visit. Did you happen to catch them around town?

Celebrate the start of summer and join us for Circus 1903! Fit for the entire family, we’re offering a Buy-3-Get-One-Free deal you just can’t pass up. To the circus!

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