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“Hi Mother!” — The Humor Behind The Beatles’ Mop-Top Fame

Candlestick Park. Shea Stadium. The roof of Apple Studios.

The Beatles’ major and iconic concert appearances are legendary — even if you couldn’t hear the music over the roaring crowd during their touring years. With Let It Be coming up March 4 (with an afterparty, we might add!), we’ve been listening to a lot of Beatles in the office lately. But even though John, Paul, George & Ringo were and still are an unstoppable musical force, we think it’s important to remember that the Fab Four were also really endearing. In the 1960s they were just kids, after all!

So as you prepare to sing along to the hits in Let It Be that no one ever had a chance to hear live due to the end of The Beatles’ touring years, here are a few moments of hilarity to remind you that, not only were The Beatles’ British, but they also had a very British sense of humor. Case in point:

Their fame was new to them, too.

They loved irreverent Shakespeare just as much as the next Brit.

Plus, their movies are just plain funny. If you haven’t watched one, pick up A Hard Day’s Night. We dare you.

So while you can appreciate these four legends for their meteoric success and contributions to the world of music and beyond, remember that they liked a good pun just as much as the next person.

We hope you’ll join us for Let It Be, March 4, as we celebrate our 9th Anniversary with a special show and afterparty. 

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