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eyeGO, youGO, we all GO to the Long Center—for Five Bucks!

Okay so not really—only if you’re in high school can you go to a Long Center Presents show for $5. . .but still—that’s huge!

It might mean trading in some coffee money or your weekly snack machine raid, but in this city, you should be taking any and all opportunities to consume some culture for as much as it takes to buy some chicken nuggets. Right?

Enter eyeGO—the all-you-can-see program for high school students that is dedicated to making the arts accessible and affordable for those who are still just trying to figure themselves out. Less expensive than the average movie ticket—eyeGO is challenging the perception that live entertainment in a world-class venue is only for established adults or young professionals.

Brought to you by the Long Center and Austin ISD, this program was created with you in mind—eager young adults who have tastes, talents, and know a good deal when they see one. Now you have the opportunity to experience the powerful and positive influence that live performance can have, not to mention a night of affordable fun in downtown Austin.

Take a look at what’s coming up, and start planning now! For more eyeGO info, visit the eyeGO FAQ.




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Applied Materials | The Long Center for the Performing Arts


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