The White Ghost Shivers: Press Calls ‘Practically Perfect’

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- when it comes to shows, it’s all about the reviews; which is why we’ve chosen the famous, entertaining, and extremely well-reviewed White Ghost Shivers to kick off our 2015-2016 Concert Club Series. Call them vaudevillian, cabaret, 1920s… or just downright amazing. Don’t believe us? The reviews don’t lie.

From The Austin Chronicle

When the lights go dim, the frisky trumpet-clarinet-fiddle-banjo-kazoo-accordion-upright-bass interplay – there are seven Shivers in all – cedes centerstage to Cella Blue’s cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof vocals, torching up ballroom belly-rubbers “Weed Smokers Dream” and “Strictly Ornamental.” Best enjoyed with a shot of rotgut hooch and a puff or two of that old debbil weed, two subjects the Shivers are hardly strangers to, Everyone’s Got ‘Em is a hot-blooded tribute to a less constrained time and place, and a reminder that the vices that created such wonderfully boisterous music have hardly disappeared.

From The Badger Herald:

The White Ghost Shivers were successful in reintroducing jazz and swing to the hearts of the crowd and showing spectators everywhere what the true meaning of jukebox fun is. White Ghost Shivers were the perfect prelude to the new season of “Janesville Presence,” and will surely attract the attention of listeners old and new with their invaluable tribute to old time swing.

From KUT 90.5:

I’m proud to say it: The White Ghost Shivers are one of my all-time favorite bands. And recently, as I was listening to their new album Nobody Loves You Like We Do in my car (I agree with Texas Music Matters‘David Brown and The Bubble Studios‘ producer Frenchie Smith – the car is where you do the best music-listening), I began to reminisce a bit about the band that never fails to bring out the flapper in me.


The White Ghost Shivers jumped immediately onto our list of Best Bands Ever. That show was, hands-down, the best live concert I’ve ever seen. Period. Just as enjoyable as the music is the stage show.  It’s rare to see a band with such stage presence.  The Shivers have been playing together for a long time, and it shows; they enjoy themselves on stage, and go to great lengths to make sure the audience has fun as well.  Vocalist Cella Blue carries a bag of tricks, including candy, kazoos and whistles to throw to the audience.  Banjo player Shorty Borgasm makes the most of his stick-on handlebar mustache and plays a mean nose flute.

See the press proclaimed “Best Band Ever,” the White Ghost Shivers, Wednesday, August 19th when the Long Center’s 2015-2016 Concert Club kicks off with unparalleled flare and fun. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

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