How to Get Out of Work for the World Cup

This Tuesday the Long Center will be playing host to a World Cup watch party on our City Terrace! If you haven’t been bit by the World Cup fever yet, now’s your chance — come out and see the USA team beat Belgium!

But, what’s that you say? You’d love to, but can’t because of work? Or school? Well, maybe that’s something we can help with! Check out the list below for a list of extremely believable excuses you probably shouldn’t use to skirt your daily responsibilities, but totally could if you really wanted to come watch soccer with us and a thousand of your friends on a jumbo screen!

House problems: the cable/internet/plumbing guy is coming out, your pipes broke, the septic tank overflowed

Pet Problem: dog/cat has escaped, pet medical emergency

Stomach Issues: food poisoning, bowel issues

Car trouble: locked keys inside your car, flat tire, locksmith taking awhile to arrive, your car won’t start, your battery is dead, you’ve been in a minor fender bender

The Dentist: crown damage, woke up with intense pain, you forgot you had an appointment

Medical Emergency: someone needs a ride to the hospital, your doctor called and needs some follow-up blood work done immediately, you have a UTI, you can feel a serious migraine coming on, you’re sick with something contagious (like the flu)

Family Emergency: ill relatives, dying relatives, children sick and need to be picked up, child care issues, cancelled day care

Police: there was a break-in at your house, your car was broken into, you’ve got to go home and check on your alarm, you need to talk to the police and file a report

So brush up on the rules, learn some of the strategy, and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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