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Help Austin Break a World Record at Bollywood Day, August 3 at the Long Center!

Om Shanti – Once Upon a Time in Bollywood and the Long Center invite all of Austin to celebrate South Asian culture at Bollywood Day, August 3 on the City Terrace.

bollywood day

There’s a good chance that the majority of Austinites haven’t seen an actual Bollywood film. Even though Bollywood cranks out more than 1,000 films each year, they don’t necessarily find a wide audience in American, outside of South Asian communities.

But, the good news is that you probably know more about Bollywood than you think you do!

Today you can find Bollywood influence in America through all sorts of artistic outlets: the reality television show So You Think You Can Dance features Bollywood dance numbers and is aired in 24 countries; Beyoncé and Madonna have incorporated of songs and dance from the culture, and No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani sported a signature bindi in her first several music videos; and international fashion designer Naeem Khan injects South Asian flair into his styles, which have been worn by Brooke Shields, Penelope Cruz and First Lady Michelle Obama. And let’s not forget the 2008 Academy Award-winning film and cultural phenomenon Slumdog Millionaire.

When you think about Bollywood films, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

The music? The costumes? The explosions or the romances? What about the giant dance scenes?

The vast majority of films that come out of Bollywood are musicals that are fun and full of action, drama, and of course a fair share of scenes where the actors seem to spontaneously burst into song and dance. And this Saturday, on the Long Center lawn, we’re going to have our own song and dance experience as we try to break the world record for largest Bollywood dance!

Soon, Om Shanti – Once Upon a Time in Bollywood, the first-ever regionally produced, large scale Bollywood musical will be coming to the stage at the Long Center and to celebrate the occasion, we’re teaming up with the producers at Agni Entertainment to host Bollywood Day. We’re inviting all of Austin to come out to this family-friendly bash, complete with food and craft vendors, henna tattoos, music, sneak peeks of the musical, and of course the world record breaking attempt.

The current record of 1,336 people is held by Terrence Lewis of Mumbai, and we think Austin can shatter that record with ease! Bollywood Day is all about having fun so if you have two left feet or a bad memory, DON’T WORRY – we’re going to teach you the steps, and there will be lessons given on stage throughout the event. If you want to get a jump-start on the routine, you can practice at home with these videos:

Instructional video:

Full dance:

So bring your friends, bring your family and bring your best dance moves – we’re going full throttle with our own Bollywood explosion on Saturday! It’s time for Austin to get its Om Shanti on.

And don’t miss Om Shanti – Once Upon A Time In Bollywood, August 23-25 at the Long Center’s Dell Hall for more Bollywood action!

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