Blue Lapis Light: Where Heaven and Earth are One

Blue Lapis Light, Austin’s Aerial Dance Company, will be returning to the Long Center City Terrace from May 19-26 for a riveting, gravity-defying performance using the iconic Long Center Ring and columns.  The performance, entitled Heaven~Earth~One, takes place under the stars with the best view of the Austin skyline as its backdrop. Sally Jacques, Artistic Director of Blue Lapis Light, shares some thoughts on their upcoming show:  

blue lapis light rehearsal for heaven earth one

Photo by Geoff Hammond

Heaven~Earth~One portrays a journey of uniting above and below.  Dancers performing on the ring, climbing aerial silks and attached to harnesses evoke this possibility.  The essence of HEO is to live in the beauty of each moment and to awaken to the wonder of nature and the miracle of one’s life with all its drama and experiences.

Each of our site-specific performances has an inspired concept.  The rigger, in collaboration with the site we are at, designs and installs ropes and cables that the dancers will suspend from and perform on.  Nicole Whiteside (Associate Artistic Director) and myself define the flow of movement sequences and how to best portray the narrative images.  Carefully selected music further inspires the choreography.

blue lapis light rehearsal for heaven earth one

Photo by Geoff Hammond

Once we are closer to the technical rehearsals, Jason Amato our light designer, designs the light installation to elaborate the story line, and William Meadows, our sound designer creates a sound environment that in an outdoor setting necessitates a vast knowledge and skill in this medium.

Some of the collaborators and myself have worked together at many different site locations for 10-15 years.  We have met the challenges and grown through the complexities and technical demands of each of them, and in doing so have expanded our individual skills exponentially.

I hope you will join us for a beautiful evening under the stars. Let your heart travel and open as you watch a visual moving poem unfold.

-Sally Jacques, Blue Lapis Light Artistic Director

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