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Joseph Keckler | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

“The Stra-a-a-angers from the Internet Have Come…” for the Joseph Keckler Show

Not quite classical and not quite opera, Joseph Keckler’s signature form of song, lyric and quirk are all his own. With a 3+ octave voice that defies all expectations (seriously—take a listen below so you know what we’re talking about), Keckler excels at merging a contemporary, downtown flair with the operatic wilds—stretching the medium to its limit and beyond. Plus plenty of humor and sarcasm. Again, don’t be fooled by just the voice! Read More ›

Salute to Vienna: A Musical Confection

Sometimes we like to think of Austria as the land of singing hills and edelweiss, but it’s a whole lot … Read More ›

Austin Lyric Opera’s Faust: The Telling of a Timeless Tale

Austin Lyric Opera presents Gounod’s Faust this weekend at the Long Center. Don’t miss Director Bernard Uzan’s creative, contemporary spin … Read More ›

Through the Looking Glass: A Peek at Unconventional Opera

Long Center Marketing Intern Mari Stoner plays the character “Elisabeth” in the upcoming University of Texas  opera production, LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES … Read More ›