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Secret of the Soap and Spin | Pollyanna Theatre Company | The Long Center for the Performing Arts

Pollyanna Theatre’s ‘Secret of the Soap & Spin’ Unpacks Tough Subjects for Austin’s Kids

As we all know, tough subjects are tough, but they’re even tougher for the youngest among us. That’s why Pollyanna Theatre Company’s latest production, The Secret of the Soap & Spin, is so out of the ordinary. Opening May 12 and for children in grades 2 – 5, friends who enjoyed playwright Jonathan Graham’s The Thing in Grandma’s Closet from Pollyanna’s last season may find similar comfort in this upcoming play. Read More ›

Aaron Alexander as Willie Funnybun and Karina Dominguez as Buffy Funnybun

A classic American tragedy transformed with the ‘culture of clowns’… The Funnybun Family Picnic, July 14-21 at the Long Center

Playwright Emily Ball Cicchini writes about her inspiration for The Funnybun Family Picnic, the latest work from Long Center Resident Company … Read More ›

Pollyanna Theatre: What happens when “Plus meets Minus”

Pollyanna Theatre’s upcoming show, “Plus Meets Minus” runs May 11-18 at the Rollins Studio Theatre. Katherine Gee Perrone, the playwright … Read More ›