Current Annual Fund Donors

We appreciate your continued annual support. Because of generous donors like you, we can offer amazing opportunities to the Austin community through our Long Reach for the ArtsRedd Carpet Funds. We look forward to seeing you at the Long Center soon. It’s where you belong.

Long Center Annual Members 2014-2015

Gifts through January 12, 2015
* Capital Campaign donor
+ Donor for 2+ years


Patsy and Jack Martin *+
Carolyn and Marc Seriff *+
Eva and Marvin Womack *+

CHAIRMAN’S COUNCIL – $10,000 – $24,999

Felicia and Craig Hester *+
Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long *+
Steven Ungerleider and Ms. Joanna Rice
Kathy and Randy Taylor *+

HERITAGE – $5,000 – $9,999

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allbright +
Thomas and Paula Barbour *+
Martha and Cliff Ernst *+
Jamie Grant and Christine Bird +
Sarah and Paul Kim +
Mary Scott Nabers *+
Jeanette Nassour *+
Nancie and Dave Putnam
Kathleen Soto +
Kimberly and Jim Taylor +
Angie and Douglas Winker +

PATRON – $2,500 – $4,999

Kay Baker, Ph.D. and Jim Baker, Ph.D. +
Brett J. Barnes
Toya Cirica Bell *+
Amelia Bullock and Bill Krumpack *+
Edna and George Butts *+
Lyn and Larry Chasteen *+
Jo Anne Christian *+
Camille and Claymon Cipione +
Eric Copper +
In Memory of Stepheni and Jack Crawford +
Patricia and Mark Curry +
Jan and Paul Diehl *
Karen Frost and Charles Levy +
Marilyn T. Gaddis, PhD and
George Carruthers *+
George Hebel +
Don and Georgia Henrich *+
Wendi and Brian Kushner *+
Carol and John Lynch
Cindy M. Matula and Fernando A. Sotelo *+
Emily Moreland *+
Aaron Percy +
Douglas Plummer
Sachem Inc.
Tom Sellers and Araminta Everton Sellers *+
Sharon Watkins *+

PREMIUM – $1,000 – $2,499

Robert Edwin Anderson *+
Anonymous *+
James Armstrong and Larry Connelly *+
Jeanette and Ernest Auerbach
Phillip Auth +
Stacey and Chip Becker +
Kit Belgium and Forrest Novy +
Paul Beutel *+
Betsy and David Billue
Carmel and Thomas Borders *+
Russell Bridges and Ralph Salinas *+
Wes Brockhoeft +
LR Carchedi+
Winn and Pat Chapman +
Gail M. Commagere
Barbara and Dwayne Cooper *+
Christine and Mike Cramer *+
Mr. and Mrs. Moton H. Crockett, Jr. *+
C.M. “Tres” Davis III and Paul Rogers +
Lynn and Steve Davis *+
Kath and Doug Dempster +
Larry L. Earvin +
Helen and Lawrence Foster +
Pam and David Frager *
Ryan Girton +
Chad Goddard
Virginia and Richard Gorelick
Rose Marie and Randy Hagman +
Martha and Dave Harrington *
Sally Hawkins *+
Mari and Dudley Houghton
Tony and Floyd Jilek-Guidry +
Debbie and Lamar Johnson *+
Lonnie Karotkin-Taub and Albert Taub +
Gary Keller *
Donna and Ed King
Gail and Jeffrey Kodosky *
Veronica and Sal Lara
The Leler Family +
Mrs. Sue and Dr. Larry Lewellyn +
Margery and Mark Lindsey +
Sandra and George Littlejohn
Drs. Roseann M. Mandziuk and
James D. Studer *+
Julia Marsden *+
Jennene and K. Ray Mashburn *+
Sarah and Buck McKinney +
JoAnne Midwikis +
Bonnie K. Mills *+
Kilyong and Paul Natho *+
Meri and Don Nelson +
Beverly and Gary Newsom*+
Julie and Wolfgang Niedert *+
Janet and John Pechmann
Monica Peraza, MexNet Alliance and Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts +
Sam R. Perry *+
Liz Phelan +
Forrest Preece and Linda Ball *+
Linda and James Prentice *+
Susan J. Pryor and Richard E. Boner *+
Donald Reese +
Ernest Reyes and Matt Petrone +
Sheri and Jamie Rhodes
LTC and Mrs. Gerald V. Risovi +
Edie and Don Robertson +
The Robert Cratchit Fund +
Erica Saenz +
Nancy Scanlan +
Sarah and Bernard Schiff *+
Peter Schram, Jr. and Harry Ullmann *+
Michael Scully and Doreen Lorezo +
John K. Shaw +
The Sherrill Family Foundation
Wade Valdez and Barry Smith +
Jare and Jim Smith *+
Dr. Bruce and Judy Stuckman
Donna Snyder +
The Solis Family +
Chelsea and Tom Stanciu
Dr. Bruce and Judy Stuckman
Kathy and Daryl Swarts +
Mary and Rusty Tally *+
Donna and Darryl Tocker +
Elizabeth Christian and Bruce Todd *+
Kathleen Steel and Jeff Trigger *+
Leslie and Don Ward +
Todd Webb
Alex Winkelman +
Carol A. Wood *+
Carlos Zaffirini +

CONTRIBUTOR – $500 – $999

Collin Acock +
Rene and Ron Albee
Diana and David Anderson
Anonymous +
Carol G. Arnold and Virgil L. Yarbrough
Debbie and Mike Benaglio
Cyndi Bock
Jan and Jim Browning +
Robert Bruinsma +
Patti and Todd Clayton *+
Donna Curtis
Alison Gallaway +
Susan and Jerry Gatlin +
Susan Griffith +
Juan Guerrero +
William Horabin +
Douglas Hunter +
International Strategies Communication Consultants, LLC
Karen M. Jantsch +
Dennis Jones
Rev. Robert J. Karli *+
Susie and Charlie Keiser
Fina James Kelley
Allison Kendrick
Ruth and Phil Kohlhaas *+
Helmut and Silvia Kurth +
Anand Kruttiventi and Annie Prasad
Amelia Larkin +
Deborah J. Leverett +
Shanny Lott
Gail and Scott Matthews
Jacqueline Towns McCall Foundation +
Lynn McNeil and Torbin McEwen +
Alise Mullins
Karen Neely +
Steven Pavitt
Shari Pflueger
Kit Randall +
Rivers Krueger Audiology +
Becky and Jeff Robinson *+
Robert Russell +
Beatrice Sagel +
Helen and Irwin Salmanson +
Michael Scully and Doreen Lorenzo +
Amy Shipherd +
Donna Snyder +
Javier Tam *+
Trisa Thompson
Kirsten Voinis +
Elizabeth Williams
Rose Betty and Allan Williams +
Robert Wilson
Peter Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Zent *+

FRIENDS & FAMILY – $250 – $499

Patti and Michael Abkowitz +
Wendy Anderson-Orms
Anonymous (3)
Carol and Sam Barclay *+
Ashley Biggerstaff *+
Suzanne Black
Scott Braudt +
Erin and Kyle Bryson *+
Dan R. Bullock and Annette Carlozzi *+
Lorie Burns
Ashlen Cherry
Lauren Colangelo +
Joshua A. Cummins
Laurie Curra +
Donya and Chris Dahmann +
Paul and Lisa Delacruz +
Marinne and Mario Davila
Tony Davis
Paul & Lisa Delacruz +
Jose and Marcela Delgado +
Kiran A. Dix +
Delphi Groupe – Ronnie Gauny
Ann and James Downing
Kris Dudley +
Mike and Sue English +
Yvonne Ferris and Don Curts +
Nancy and David Fossmeyer *+
Deborah Fountain
Mark Gagnon +
Dawn Gilbert
Jeffrey Grossman
Bonnie Hartmann
The Herras Family +
Dawnetta Hodge
Admiral and Mrs. Inman *+
Gordon and JoAnne Inscore +
Taylor Ireland
Robert Janca and Monti Paul +
Karen Kirmis
Susie and Morton Krumholz *+
In Honor of Leonard Loza +
Richard Maier +
Ren and Flo MacNary *+
Alfred C. Maldonado and Gloria A. Garcia +
Jonathan Martinez and Michael Hegarty +
Pamela Mathison +
Angie and Will Moore
Jeanette Mullenix
Jessica Niemiec and Josh Tomfohr *+
Joan and Dick Niemiec +
James Norman
Wendy and Russell Orms +
Jane and Howard Parker *+
Mary Ann Patterson *+
Judy and Pat Percy
Art Roberts +
Darci Rock
Mr. and Mrs. David and Mary Rogerson +
Rosita Guzman Sayer +
Charlie Saunders
Mark A. Schaffer +
Mike Shea +
Ken Shepardson +
Darden Smith
Dale and Stephen Sonnenberg *+
Rebecca Thompson +
Linda and Dan Tonissen +
Manuel Torres
Shirley and Richard Tucker
Don Trapp +
Eileen Vanderlee *+
Sonny Win +
Deon and Hunter Wright
Annie and Brian Zucker +

EMERGING PATRON – $125 – $249

Carol and Marvin Abzug
Pat and John Adams
Barbara Alford and William Howard *+
Vaughn G. Alexander
Andrea and Jack Angelo
Carla and Anton Allen *+
Nivea Alvarado +
American Real Estate Planning Services, David Rice
Adam Anderson
Mary and John Anderson +
Eric Andruscavage +
Anonymous (12) +
Arbor Dental Associates
Pat Armstrong +
Reed Arnos +
David Baczewski
Ellen and Paul Bailey *
Bailey Elliott Construction
Kathy Barnhill
Barron, Newburger and Sinsley, PLLC
Mandi Bartelt
Gladys and Leonard Baumel +
Sara Becker
Sheila and Dan Beckett *
Jack Beezley
Randy Begel +
Barry and Sherry Bell +
Chris Bell and Mary Poteetr
Joe Helen Belle *+
Elliot Berger +
Scott Bianchi +
Rebecca Birdwell +
Michael Blair
Christine and Charles Bloemsma +
Karen and Robert Bluethman
Davidica Blum
Michelle Boeding
Jackson and Sandra Bosley *+
Ellen and Steven Bowman *
Lee Boyd
Russell Boyd +
Jeanette Bradfield +
Gayle Braecklein +
Jeff Breitenstein and Skot O’Mahony +
Roslyn and Sean Breen
Teresa Brod
Albert Brown +
Dr. Billye J. Brown +
Pamela Brown
Peggy G. Brunner
Celeste A. Bryand +
Stacey and John Buchanan
Kay L. Bulgerin +
Paul Bullock
Sarah Burke
John H. Burttschell *+
Captain Marcus Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Stayton Calhoun +
Gayle and Charlie Cannon
Jamie and Albert Cantara +
Nancy Capezzuti
Christina Carew
Barbara and Jerry Carlson *+
Judy and Joe Carr
Ellen H. Carrie
Joseph Carroll
Marianne Carroll
Lane Carson
Lise Carter *+
Craig Carver +
Deborah Casati +
David Case +
Lynda and Jim Chapman +
Janet Christie +
Tana and Joe Christie *+
Angie Churchill
Ann Clark
Michael Clark
Sally N. Clark-Raphael *+
Melissa Clute
Lauren Colangelo
Samantha Collins
Ellen Conner
Terry and Wayne Cook +
Verla Cook +
Ria Corbett
Jana L. Cossairt *+
Barbara Cromwell +
Nancy Sue Crow +
Berry Crowley +
Jen Crowley
Lt. Col. Louise N Crowley *+
Joshua A. Cummins
Cynthia Cunningham
Laurie Curra +
Cypress Ridge at Rough Hollow
Reah and Kent Dahl-Stamnes
Julia Davidson-Englert +
Mario and Marianne Davila +
Mark C. Dawson, M.D.
Marion Wier DeFord *+
Dr. and Mrs. Delco *+
Julie Delgado +
Lisa and David Derby
Deborah and Brian Desormeaux +
Charles Dickey
Julia Diggs
Victoria Dimock
Rudolph DiSanto +
Doidge Family
Lucila and Rollie Dorsett
Phyllis and Louis Dubuque +
Priscilla Dunn
Sam and Valerie Dunnam *+
Melissa Eddy and Tracy Schiemenz *+
Constable Bruce Elfant and Lisa J. Harris *+
Pam Elkins
Amanda and Kevin Eisner
Rex and Constance Esau +
The Estabrook Family +
Dr. William and Patricia Evans *+
Joy Evans +
Carol Faget, M.D. +
Feather and Furr Animal Hospital
Marcia Fife +
Kenneth Fisher
Russ and Teresa Finney and Family +
Patrick and Laurie Fitzgerald +
Hazel Frandsen +
Cathy and Richard Fraser
Betsy and David Fredrickson
Jennifer Frey +
Lenon Futch
Rachelle and William Galey +
Kim Garcia
Letitia A. Garcia *+
Raul Garcia +
David Garing
Tom and Rene Garner +
Annette Gester +
Shannon Gillenwater +
Dr. and Mrs. James Gilliam
In honor of Elijah Bell Gillikin
The Gold Family
Vicki Goff
Bill Glover and Robin Ritter +
Robyn Goodson +
Gone Green Landscape Design, Inc.
Kaushal Goradia +
Linda Gorzycki +
Mr. and Mrs. Lino Graglia *+
Joanne Turley Gray +
Diane G. Gregg
Bob Gregory
Kay and Russell Gregory *+
Penny and Tom Griffy *+
Joanne Guariglia +
Ron and Ann Guinn *+
Marion Haas
Ann and Kurt Halead +
Heston Hall
Sara A. Hamill +
Anthony “Brooks” Hamilton +
Paul and Lisa Hamilton
Nan and Loyd Hampton *+
Henri D. Harris +
Kent and Luan Haynes
Donna Hebner
Susan Henricks *
George F. Henry
Susan and Travis Henry +
The Heras Family +
Margaret and John Herman +*
Carol and Harlan Hess +
Rachel Hoffman/Lee Properties
Ann and David Honeycutt +
Joshua Hood +
Misty Hopper
Christie Horne +
The Hundley Family
Pinna L Indorf *+
Susan Jaeschke
Lt. Gen. Arlen D. and Mrs. Jameson
Karen and Kenneth Jeffries
Drexel Johnson –
Telephone Concepts, Inc. +
Carol Kay Johnson +
Diane Johnson – Keller Williams Realtor +
Anita Olga Jones
Joye and Eric Jones +
Kerry Joyce
In Memory of David Kendall
Linda Rae Kent
Edward King
Diane Kirkhuff
Karen Kirmis
Lalitha Krishnan
Edythe Kruger *
David S. Kulwan
Stephen and Ann Laubach *+
Gary Lazarus +
Cynthia and Sanford Levinson +
Steven List
Karen Loke
Jackie and Bill Longino
Alfredo D. Lopez +
Kelli Lopez
Anna M. Lozano +
Elizabeth and Travis Lucas
Carol and Ken Luehman
Victoria Lynden +
Chris and Jan Mabley +
Patty and Cameron MacDonald
Phillipp Maersch +
Marks Overlook Lodge +
Milt and Kathy Martin
Shirley Martin and Bidier Bardon *
Keith Matthews +
Ronald and Marlene Massa +
Harvey Mayton *+
Martha McAllister *+
Joyce and Jerry McAhren
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley D. McCalla *+
Otha and Thomas McClinton
Sara McCuistion +
Karen Mcelhatten
John and Suzanne McFarlane *+
Bill McGrath +
Victoria McIntyre +
Alexandra and Thomas McKeone +
Connie McMillan+
Debra and Michael McQueen +
Heather and Richard Meyer
Marc Miller
Malcolm Milburn +
Sandra Miller +
Cile Montgomery
Patricia Moore +
Kavin Morgan
Eliza Morehand
Joel Mosier
In honor of Gary Moss
Margie and Jack Murray
Matt Musial +
Edna Nation *+
Glenn Neal +
Tiffany Neece +
Nancy Newberry
Carolyn Nicewarner +
Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Bud Nichols +
Karen Ann Norris +
Carolyn Nuessan
Jeanne A. O’Brien *+
Jeanie and Bill O’Connell
Robert Olney
Flo Olivier *+
Ruth Ortiz and Philip Warner
Brad and Sally Osgood +
Amy and Massimo Palermo
Christa and R.K. Pandey
Marc Panzer
Tazuko and Charles Parker *+
Candace and Michael Partridge *+
Nancy Pfluger Payne *+
Carlisle Pearson *+
Janet and John Pechmann
Marie and Robert Peterek
Pat Peterson +
Robert A Pilgrim +
The Pineiro Family
Ester Porter
Lynn and Brian Powell *+
Carole and Kerry Price +
Wayne Pulliam
Stephen and Lisa Quay *
Edmund Rader
Michael and Diana Rafferty
Caroline and Les Ramirez
Joe Ramos
Fran and George Ramsey *+
Erin and Tim Ratliff +
Reagan A Reaud +
Carolyn Osborn Raup
Tracy Rawl +
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Ream *+
Harvey Reiter
Fridge and Resendez, LLC
The Rettbergs +
Janet and Max Rice
Jennifer and Charles Rice
Heath Riddles
Karin Richeson and Kevin English
Kelley and Bruce Riggs
Mickey Ristroph +
Bryan and Susan Roberts +
Lyn Roberts
Margaret and Sam Roberts +
Susan Frentz and Alan Robinson +
Valerie Rogers +
David and Mary Rogerson +
Adrian A. Romo +
Lucy Ross
Steven and Sandi Ross and Family
Patty and Joe Rotunda
Ana and Alejandro Ruelas
Rich Russakoff +
Chuck and Judy Russell +
Philip Ryals +
Anna Salguero +
Fela Jean Salinas +
Mark Salmanson
Jack Sanders +
Charlie Saunders +
Rosita Guzman Sayer +
Lem Scarbrough
Stacey Faulk Scheffler
William Schleuse and Virginia McDermott *+
Susan Dell and Robert M Schmidt *
Jake Schneider +
Rose L. Schneier
Marilyn and Babe Schwartz +
Sophia Schulze +
Judith Sears
Roger and Ann Seyler
William Shaffer +
Howard and Marla Shane +
Rosland and Milton Shaevel
Mary Shelton +
Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Grace Silcott +
Louise Simpson +
Marcia Sliger
Dr. Byron Smith and Irene Smith *+
Chuck Smith
Joan and Delbert Smith +
Wayne Smith +
Karen Sonleitner +
Helen Spear +
Claire Christine Spera +
Nancy Sosa +
Helen St. Martin *+
Marsha Staats +
Robin and Gayle Stallings
Dianne Stevenson +
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stinus
Donya Stockton +
Cathy and Peter Stow +
Sally and John Strickland +
Maury Sullivan and Todd Pruner
Brian Surber
Beverly and Eldon Sutton *+
Sandra Sykora and Steve Ross *
Latifah and Harun Taormina *+
Bernadette E. Tasher*+
Cesar Taylor
Steven Timmerman
Bryan Tindall +
Steve Tittle
Dan and Linda Tonissen *+
Ajay Thomas
Ben Thomas and Susette DeRosia
Mary Thornton
A. Touchet-Turpin, RN *+
Katie Tovo and Tom Hurt +
Robert and Brenda Tranchon +
Shirley and Richard Tucker *
Paula and Merlin Tuttle
Sara and David Ulbrich
Richard and Mary Urbanowski *+
Frank Van Horn +
Elizabeth and Rick von Flatern
Jordan Vexler and Juan Carlos Fierro +
Dottie Wagner and Mike Huchins +
Bobby Walden +
Catherine Wall and Darren Aschaffen-burg +
Eliza and Clyde Walls +
Andy and Becky Weary +
Debbie and Thomas Weber
Geri Anne Webster +
Timothy and Jo Welter
Sandy Wilder +
Gethrel A. Williams +
Homer and Mary Williams *+
Linda and Mark Williams
Ann and Eric Wilson *+
Elizabeth Wiley *+
Julie and Cooper Yaun
Julie and Tom Yee
Vickie Yllander
Victoria and Vic Yones
Richard Ziehr

INDIVIDUAL – $50 – $124

Carla and Anton Allen *+
Kay and Ki Allen +
Anonymous (3)
Sheila and Dan Beckett *+
Stephen Birmingham
Sue M. Breuer +
Sarah Burke +
The Cazcarro Family
Ellen Conner +
Nicole Cornelson
Vickie Dunlevy
Jill B. Fatzer +
Sarah and Michael Fontenot
Bryan Hunt
Frank Ivy
Lalitha and Gopal Krishnan *+
Ashley Lewis
Teresa Lewis +
John Loftis +
Kelly Melnyk +
James J. Montanaro and Marcia Tugendhat
David Moore
Wendi Reichstein
Ron Revell +
Sheldon Richie +
Jarred Lee Romanos
Loly Rosas +
Jeanne and Ray Sasaki +
Debra Sherrill
Estelle and Don Singer
Dr. Byron Smith and Irene Smith *+
Michael Staton
Carol Teitelman
Steve Tittle +
Elizabeth Wiley *+
Mary Frances Zeitler *+


Austin Aztex
Wells Fargo Bank
Carolyn and Marc Seriff
Deanna and Jeff Serra
Bobbi and Mort Topfer
Mary Ann and Andrew Heller
Carolyn Lewis
Camille and Clay Cipione
University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts
Susan and Robert Epstein
Richard C. Hartgrove and Gary Cooper
Maxwell Locke & Ritter LLP
Emily Moreland
Miriam and Rick Relyea
Texas Commission on the Arts
Tom Sellers and Araminta Everton
Patti and Todd Clayton
Jan and Paul Diehl
Martha and Cliff Ernst
Florence and Leonard Kroman
In honor of Ginger Morris
Kilyong and Paul Natho
Greta and Bill Peterson
Kimberly and Jim Taylor
Susan Klein
Ron and René Albee
Michael Brimmer
Deborah Gabor
Lee Esther Owens and Mary Lena Richard-Brown
Aaron Percy
Forrest Preece and Linda Ball
Jare and Jim Smith
In honor of Donelvan Thigpen
Robert J. Zambarano
Tony and Floyd Jilek-Guidry
Donna Martorell
Brant Pope
In honor of Brant Pope


3M *+
AT&T *+
American Bank
Austin American-Statesman
Austin Aztex
Austin Energy +
Beyond Secure *+
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas *+
Covert Cadillac +
Capital One *
Chez Zee Café & Dessert Bakery +
City of Austin Cultural Arts Division +
ConocoPhillips *+
Frost *+
Gables Park Tower
H-E-B *+
Lebermann Foundation *+
Luther King Capital Management *+
Massage Envy
MassMutual Southwest
Neiman Marcus*+
Norton Rose Fulbright
Performing Arts Programs, Inc. +
PS Landscaping +
Silicon Labs *
South Texas Money Management, LTD +
SWEAT Inc. +
Texas Commission on the Arts +
Texas Gas Service *+
Wells Fargo *+
Wortham Insurance & Risk Management *+