Your Long Center History

The Long Center has a rich history, full of memories and stories created by the unique mix of people who have stepped through it’s doors over the years. Look through the images and stories we’ve collected here and see if they bring back any memories for you.

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I have to admit that my recent trek to The Long Center in Austin happened only because it was a Christmas present to my Mom. But after seeing Tony Bennett live, I realize how lucky I was to experience this rare talent in the flesh and in this Austin venue. 

Caryl Zimmerman, Kingsland, tx


I saw Tony Bennett at the Long Center- I have been a musician/songwriter/singer for 50 years and grew up in Los Angeles, but I have lived here in Austin for the last 6 years and toured through Texas back in the late 60s and 70s. This was a very special night for my wife and I as we love Austin and Austin loved Tony, and it was great seeing Tony at the brass house after the show. Thank you!

Alan Wisdom, round rock,texas


We attended the Peking Acrobats show at the Long Center. The show was absolutely amazing! The sound viewing effects were great. Thank you for hosting such great show!

Jian Ding, Austin, TX



My partner and I took our two teenagers to see Colin and Brad: Two Man Group at the Long Center. It was hilarious! The kids entertained us all the way home as they re-enacted their favorite parts of the show. It was the best ‘family night’ ever!! And the Long Center was absolutely beautiful…

Merrie Fox, New Braunfels


I was fortunate enough to be nominated for Best Actress in the first ever Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards. I met so many new friends and had the most amazing time performing to the biggest crowd of my life in the Long Center. This experience solidified that I need to be performing for the rest of my life.

Amanda Cripe, Austin, TX


I came to Dripping Springs as an exchange student and somehow ended up in theatre. I auditioned for the musical at my school, a musical that later came to the Long Center as a part of the GAHSMTA. I got to perform once again, with my amazing cast, in front of an incredible audience. That was one of the best moments of my life.

Linnéa Öst, Stockholm, Sweden



I saw Blues Image and Iron Butterfly at Palmer- it was my first big concert. I wore a white leather fringed jacket and stood next to the sound booth! Great memories.

Deb Austin, Austin


I saw Crosby, Stills and Nash at Woodstock in 1969. I saw them again at the Backyard in approx. 2002. I saw them again August 28, 2104 at The Long Center with my 25 year old son. That last one was the most memorable performance of theirs for me as my son smiled the whole time while singing along with the songs he knew, especially, “Teach Your Children”. Thank you for bringing this joy to Austin and to me!

Joseph J. Hajjar, Austin, Texas


We just attended the Long Center Open House,and while we were there our 3 and 6 year olds got to dance on the stage. We got to sit in the front row and watch them perform. Priceless and amazing!

Jennifer McGowan, Cedar Park, TX



My niece & her daughter came to visit Austin last month. We spent the afternoon on SoCo shopping, and ate at Freddy’s Place on South 1st. We then went to the splash pad in Butler Park and climbed to the top of the hill admiring the fabulous view. We walked over & sat on the hill below Long Center. We admired the changes in the Long Center & how much of the past was captured. Then the littles rolled down the hill. What a great day!

Marie Acuña, Austin, Texas


My best friend came from Miami to Austin to see Eddie Izzard (our all time favorite comedian) with me. Then he came out after the show for questions. We were grinning for days!

Jackie Griffith, Austin


I took 3 good friends and recent Austinites to watch E.T. for the Sound and Cinema series this summer, none of whom had been to the Long Center OR the Sound and Cinema series; and one of which hadn’t even seen E.T.! Can you believe it!? I was thrilled to share the experience with them. Thank you!

John Phillips, Austin