Your Long Center History

The Long Center has a rich history, full of memories and stories created by the unique mix of people who have stepped through it’s doors over the years. Look through the images and stories we’ve collected here and see if they bring back any memories for you.

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summer 2014

My family and I made great memories at Sounds & Cinema this summer. We also very much enjoyed the Sunday symphony performances. At the open house we bought tickets to all the Tapestry shows this season, and I need to buy the Pollyanna season tickets, too. Lots more memories to be made- thanks for being great, Long Center! Life in Austin has improved with you in it.

Janine Schafer Corn, 78704

Mid to late 80's

I remember seeing two of the best comics at the Palmer Auditorium. Howie Mandel, who got mic help from Joe Walsh sitting in the audience; and Joan Rivers. Joan had been my idol since I was in middle school and followed her career until her recent passing. I’m so glad I saw her perform at the hight of her stand-up career. I could not find my Joan ticket stub but here is Howie’s.

Isabel Cortes, Austin


As a musician growing up in Austin (Austin High ‘74), I performed at the auditorium dozens & dozens of times. But the acts I saw there were classic! Elvis, Bread, Chicago (my fav), Liberace, many, many more! And let’s not forget all the great wrestlin’ next door!!

Richard C, Dallas, TX



I have been attending shows at the Long Center now since a few years. Yesterday the TROCADEROS were memorable. We were given seats in orchestra instead of the Balcony that we had purchased and could clearly see the expressions on the dancers’ faces. It was absolutely hilarious and yet artistically done. Very enjoyable since the dancers were so talented. I have not seen such a unique show before.

Ketty Wadia, Austin Tx


First time out since surgery was to see Arlo Guthrie at the Long Center.
Oh what a night it was! The memories Arlo brought with his story telling were amazingly spot on. The music was phenomenal and his daughter, Sarah Lee was awesome with a great voice and has obviously inherited the gift of gab!
Alice’s Restaurant lives!

David Holzman, Austin


Beach Boys!!! Great show!!!

Joseph Henry, Elgin



Beach Boys Concert was the BEST continuous 2 1/2 hours music we’ve been to in a long time. Not only fun, great music but brought back lots of wonderful memories. Thanks for a wonderful night!

Rita Richard, Lakeway,Tx


Through a wonderful promotion, I was able to take my granddaughter to her first Long Center experience and sit in box seats. She was absolutely enchanted by the venue and the performers. The Vienna Boys’ Choir performance was both moving and entertaining. I’m sure we’ll be back for more wonderful Long Center events!

Carolyn Counterman, Leander, TX


My very first commitment for this year’s resolution, doing things related to music, was going to the amazing Disney Concert.

Namjin, Austin,tx



I attended “Elvis Lives!” with my boyfriend and sister-in-law (who was born the year that Elvis died), and we had a great time! The show was very well done, and the performers were spot on. As an Elvis fan since childhood, and one who remembers exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news of his passing, I was moved to goosebumps many times and tears several. Well done!

Beverly Archer, Buda, TX


I had been coming to the Municipal Auditorium/Long Center since I have moved here in 1969. What I experienced last night at “Elvis Lives” was like nothing ever before. The energy, professionalism, attention to detail, quality of voices as to become Elvis onstage, quality or the music, and much more made last night a memory to last a lifetime.This show deserves a rerun next year .

Joseph J. Hajjar, Austin


I had always been a fan of what is called the “oldies” from having parents that grew up during the 50s/60s. To see Frankie Valli sing live on stage was such a thrill to hear what true music and harmony is and also fulfilling some things my late mother didn’t get to do. I had goosebumps while I sang along to each song done and hope you bring more memorable shows for years to come!

Naomi Espinoza, Austin