Select Ensemble Audition

Thank you for choosing to audition for the Greater Austin High School Musical Theatre Awards Select Ensemble! Auditions for the Select Ensemble are on Saturday, December 7th from 3:00 to 7:00pm.

Each student must attend the dance call from 3-4pm. A dance will be taught. Bring appropriate clothing and dance shoes. Students will need to prepare two contrasting songs (16 bar cuts) and to bring the sheet music, in the correct key. Contrasting songs, for example, could be one ballad and one uptempo, or one classical or traditional and one contemporary. Students need to be prepared to sing more if asked. Bring your headshot and resume if you have them.

Additional information (including location details) will be sent by email at a later date. Applications are due by Tuesday, December 3.

Select Ensemble Audition Registration Form

  • Please upload a copy of your headshot (if you have one available).
  • Please upload a copy of your resume (if you have one available).
  • Choose Your Time Slot

    In the link below, you may select the time you wish to audition. There will be 15 people per 30 minute slot. Please come to the audition at least 15 minutes prior your scheduled audition time.

    You are all required to come to the dance call as well as your singing time slot. The dance call is at 3pm.


    Please make your selection BEFORE hitting the submit button.